Wild and Woolie Spool knitted doll


Every once in awhile,   a little wild woolieness ought to come into a Yarnie’s life.

So, I have designed this Wild and Woolie Spool knitted doll.  I used hand spun yarn to make it, but any yarn that makes your heart sing would work well.

All together now, let’s sing: Wild Thing! I think I love you!


I’ve got her pattern listed etsy shop now: Wild Thing

Image source: Noreen Crone-Findlay (copyright)



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8 responses to “Wild and Woolie Spool knitted doll

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  2. carolee

    Noreen, I love her hair and the earrings! are her eyes shell buttons with black beads? fun


  3. Thanks so much, Carolee!
    Yes, indeed, her eyes are vintage shell buttons with black beads. Your eyes obviously are very sharp! LOL!
    :o) Noreen


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