Dreaming of color and weaving the vest

Last Sunday morning, I had an inspiring dream.

I dreamt that I was invited to visit the workroom of a friend who passed on awhile ago.

She and I had written back and forth for several years before her death.

I still hold her dear in my heart, even though we never got to meet, face to face, in this world.

Anyhow, in the dream, I was invited into 2 gorgeous little rooms that were full, floor to ceiling, with antique drawers and shelves, full of exquisite handmade lace and yarn, and thread and weaving and embroidery.

It gave me a whole new view of heaven!ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

I was particularly moved by the colors of one jacket and 2 bags that were woven with a range of reds and blues and then embroidered with yellow silk thread.

For the rest of this week, I have been glued to my loom, and then my sewing machine, weaving a vest that was inspired by the dream.

It has been such an interesting voyage of discovery, as it took me places that I didn’t expect to go, and it had it’s own rules and requirements.

Here it is:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I wove it on my Saori loom, blending the yarns on the bobbin, and adding and picking up strands of weft as I wove.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I knew that I was going to be shaping the vest by pulling on warp strands to add the curves that would build the vest, so I worked at making the shapes of the clasped weft be conducive to the warp pulling process.

I had thought that I would use the narrow band to add another ruffle to the outside edge, but I decided instead, to use it to weave the back of the vest.

This is one of the things I love about Saori weaving- being able to do freeform work that takes off in a different direction than I had originally planned!

I like to shape the garment after I have woven it, so I do my warp pulling after the weaving is off the loom, and don’t do any shaping on the loom.

The butterfly was woven while it was still on the loom.

I had thought that I would embroider lots of dragonflies onto the vest.

I didn’t embroider the dragonflies while it was on the loom, as I wasn’t sure where I would be placing the pulled warp sections, and didn’t want the embroidery to be distorted or to interfere with the pulling process.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I had woven the butterfly a couple of weeks ago, and set it aside, as the piece that it had originally been part of felt like it was a ‘fail’.

How wrong I was!ย  The butterfly and another section of the ‘fail’, fitted into the back of the vest just perfectly.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I thought that I would tat some dragonflies and stitch them on, but they just didn’t work.

It’s a wonderfully comfortable vest, and every time I wear it, I will think of a dear friend, and how she still inspires me!

So, my friends, here’s to life, to color, to love, and to the creative process!

May you weave sweet, colorful dreams! ๐Ÿ˜€

And, here is a video on how to shape fabric by pulling warp strands:



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15 responses to “Dreaming of color and weaving the vest

  1. Caroline

    That is a beautiful, stunning waistcoat fit for a magical princess. You weave magic, Noreen


    • Thank you so much, Caroline!
      I love vests and waistcoats- when I was little, we called them ‘weskits’, which I realize must be based on ‘waistcoats’ ๐Ÿ™‚
      And, I love the thought of this being a magical princess weskit! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Love the vest and thanks for the inspiration of the video!


  3. Thanks, Zann! I love working with pulled warp strands- it allows you to shape your cloth so creatively! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. What a beautiful way to honour this friend.


  5. Sweet Woman,
    You inspire me to the fullest! I love all your artist talent so much!
    As a child I was abused, and spent many lonely hours in a room full of rags(we were very poor).
    In my boredom,in my bedroom I learned to make crafts out of these rags. Now, I also design. And really have a deep feeling towards your crafts.
    Thank You, for sharing!


  6. Vaughnde Edwards

    Beautiful! What a wonderful way to honor and memoralize your Friend!


  7. Alice

    The vest is BEAUTIFUL !! What a nice way to honor a friend .


  8. Thank you so much, Alice! It gives me joy to wear the vest and to celebrate my lovely friend! ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Merci pour ce merveilleux partage et cet hommage ร  votre amie ๐Ÿ™‚ J’apprรฉcie beaucoup votre travail, vous รชtes une vรฉritable artiste et une personne riche dans son coeur ๐Ÿ™‚ j’aime suivre vos articles, vos crรฉations sont bien souvent source d’enchantement ๐Ÿ™‚ merci pour tout, Amicalement, Fabienne


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