What do yarnies want from indie designers?


Last night, I was the guest on Mary Beth Temple’s blogradio show: Getting Loopy.

I took advantage of being in direct communication with the listeners by asking them 2 questions:

1]  Do you prefer downloadable PDF patterns or paper patterns and books that are mailed to (but that you have to pay the postage for)?


2] Do you prefer to buy patterns individually or as a group or compilation?

Mary Beth has expanded on my questions and has made a survey up, and is even offering a cone of Lion Brand’s new Wool Stainless Steel as a prize for people who answer the survey.

Here’s the link to her survey:    ?

We REALLY do want to know what you want, so we really appreciate you taking the time and trouble to answer our questions!

Thanks so much and good luck in the draw.

Lion Brand’s Wool Stainless Steel yarn is neat (and no, it’s not like a pot scrubber or wire. The stainless steel is  the finest of fine filaments. It’s not wirey, but does have memory.)

Image is by Noreen Crone-Findlay and is copyright. (yup, that’s spool knitting and a spool knitter)



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11 responses to “What do yarnies want from indie designers?

  1. carolee

    Noreen, I missed you on the blogradio, Thank you for passing along the info on the stainless steel yarn. WOW Iam going to check the store, it looks soooo neet. Ive seen these neck warmers seem to be popular might be fun to make one out of that yarn. a real attention getter. My family and friends are scarfed and hatted out, I need to increase my knitting skills. I did do the survey I have orderd patterns twice once each way. I like the old fashion mail, Thanks for the fun info you keep me wanting to try new things.


  2. Thanks so much, Carolee.

    The new Lion Brand store looks incredible. Good for them for doing that!

    And, I hope you’ll have lots of fun making the neck warmers. I really like them, as I hate getting chill breezes around my neck.

    I\ve talked with a bunch of people on the spool knitting list and after all the input, I think I will go with a pdf for the next spool knitting book.


  3. JandaPanda

    Hi Noreen!
    Now that I am a dyed-in-the-wool :+] spooler I will follow your blog to keep in touch. The Lion Brand yarn sounds wonderful. I did the survey. It is always good to be able to give feedback and keep in the loop. Pun not intended…well, not really.


  4. Thanks so much for doing the survey, Janda! I hope you win the yarn!
    :o) I agree…. tis a good thing to be loopy!


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  7. Hi Noreen,

    I did the survey. I just bought a bunch or eyelash, sparkle and sprinkles yarns to make fiber jewelry. It’shard to keep up with all the new offerings. LOL

    Very clever graphic! of spool knitter and knitting forming a “?”!


  8. Thank you Eileen!
    I made a wooden question mark a few years ago, but a friend loved it so much that I gave it to her.
    I needed to come up with a new question mark for the entry, and spool knitting and a spool knitter seemed like the perfect way to do it…
    Have a hoot with your new yarns :o) Yummy…. new yarn to fondle…. mmmmmmmmmm….. yarn is gooooooooood! LOL


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