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Saffron Teddy Bears – Assembling the Bears

Here are the video tutorials that show how to assemble the teddy bears:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

The link for all the video tutorials for the Saffron Teddy Bears for the 2022 Summer Weaving Challenge is:


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Larger Vasilisa Comfort Dolls

I have been carving a series of dolls that are intended to bring comfort, inspiration and delight.

I call them, Vasilisa Comfort Dolls. They began as very small dolls but the series has branched out in several directions:

Small Vasillisa Comfort Dolls LINK

Vasilisa Comfort Dolls: Great Mother Series: LINK

Vasilisa Comfort Dolls that are Lucet Cord makers: LINK

These Vasilisa Comfort dolls are larger than the original ones….

This photo gives a sense of the size difference:



In gratitude for all ways that people help one another. 3 1/2 inches/9 cm tall


about 3 inches/ 8 cm tall

“Being a Mother and Being a Daughter”

about 3 inches/ 8 cm tall


about 5 inches/12.5 cm tall


about 5 inches/12.5 cm tall


“Sunflower Song” We’ll never see Sunflowers in the same way again, will we? Praying for Peace in Ukraine and an end to the invasion

about 5 inches/12.5 cm tall


about 5 inches/12.5 cm tall


I did the tatting, using shuttles that I carved myself. She’s about 5 inches/12.5 cm tall


about 5 inches/12.5 cm tall (GLASS BACKGROUND NOT INCLUDED)


Surprise was a fascinating doll to create…. she kept taking me in new directions…. including wanting a baby…..

With her hat, Surprise is almost 8 inches/20 cm tall




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“Woven Portals Tapestries and Mixed Media Weaving-1

For approximately 4 years, I worked on a series of tapestries and mixed media weavings that I have named: “Woven Portals”.

As I worked on the tapestries, I found myself being more and more fascinated by the compelling imagery of either a single eye or both eyes. When I finished the last piece in the series in the beginning of March 2020, within days, the world shut down because of the pandemic.

And, we all masked up…. and suddenly…. all we could see of other people’s faces were their eyes. I was gobsmacked by how I had been obsessed with making images that just showed the eyes surrounded by ‘soul imagery’ or blessing imagery, and now, that was what I was seeing in the world. Truly fascinating!

To see images of all of the tapestries in the series, click on WOVEN PORTALS

“A Blessing For the Bees” by Noreen Crone-Findlay

The pieces are woven on looms that I either modified to be able to weave the pieces or that I built myself or with my husband and son.

I will post images of the tapestries and mixed media weavings in separate blog posts to follow.

Here is the artist statement that I wrote for the show:

How on earth do we navigate our way through the upheaval and chaos that have unfolded in the last few years?
Noreen Crone-Findlay draws upon systems like Sacred Geometry and the slow, meticulous process of weaving
tapestry and making lace to create beauty as an antidote to suffering, using the process of enquiry through art
making in the voyage of discovery at the heart of the creation of images of compassion, courage, community,
integrity, resiliency, hope and connection.
Metaphor is one of the main themes in this collection of mixed media tapestry/woven works. One of the first
steps in creating these tapestries required building and altering looms to be strong enough to stand up to the
rigours of weaving with wire, which is a relentlessly difficult medium to wrestle into a congruent form. This process
is a powerful metaphor of weaving the web of a new way of being in the world.
Why combine wire with the more normal fibres of tapestry construction? Wire is ubiquitous in our world, but
almost invisible in it’s ‘every-day-ness’. Wire is sturdy, flexible and strong, while having a definite breaking point,
much like humanity. Its reflective quality offers a moment of light at play while acting as the foundation for the
softer fibres. It has the ability to hold its ground, so it frames the Woven Portals into the Sacred Geometrical
shapes of equilateral triangle, square, circle and hexagon. It can be folded and manipulated to lift off the wall once
it has been woven. It’s magical. Difficult, beautiful, sometimes even painful to work with, but magical.
The mixed media woven works/tapestries that are the Woven Portals are a way of capturing glimpses of what is,
and what possibly can unfold by using Sacred Geometry as the leaping off point for each piece, while each tapestry
is asking questions that reach down into the depths of our souls.
How is it possible that children are held captive in cages while parents seek refuge? What do we carry forward as
a beacon of hope in creating healing and justice? What aspects and elements of the previously created systems
and structures will act as foundations for creating new healed and whole ways of being? How do we create
communities of resiliency in the face of a pandemic that has brought the world to its knees? How do we connect
with Nature and end the cycles of destruction that humanity has unleashed? These are difficult, painful questions
that need countless acts of small and great commitment and action.
Because the questions are so vast, great focus is required, and so some of the tapestries are very small, as they
are meant to be viewed as a cluster, with the narrative flowing from one piece to the next. Other tapestries are
meant to be seen as mandalas, offering an invitation to pause, sink in, and gaze into the eyes that look out at the
viewer. They are a moment of respite, of sanctuary, truly a portal that invites a visionary, new way of seeing and
being. As we navigate this great mystery, we need new ways of seeing and being. New portals. New hope.

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How to Spin and Weave Brown Paper Yarn

One of my favorite eco friendly crafts is spinning yarn from brown paper….

This video shows how:

And, then, I love to weave the brown paper yarn into all kinds of fun things like this bunny and teddy bear.

I carved their heads from wood, and made their little shoes from scraps of garment leather that I glued to wooden soles that I carved. The navy shoes were made from a thrift shop coat that I cut and sewed into a ton of different things- bags and doll shoes and doll clothes.

I made their hands from scraps of heavy weight leather that I was given years ago.

Bunny’s face is lopsided because the scrap of firewood that I carved her from was wonky, but she forgives me for that!

I adapted this pattern from my etsy shop to weave their bodies on weaving sticks, using the brown paper yarn that I had spun: Here’s the link:

The brown paper yarn also works BEAUTIFULLY for weaving baskets. Here’s a link to my pattern for weaving baskets on weaving sticks:

And, here’s the link for jewelry to weave with weaving sticks. Brown paper is wonderful for making jewelry!

I love all the neat things that can be made with brown paper yarn. In our house, brown paper is NEVER thrown away!

It always gets upcycled into nifty new things 😀

This is my contribution to the monthly ‘Scrap Happy’ Blogging group- people who delight in making things from scraps and upcycled bits of this and that post on the 15th of each month.

Here’s the links to the rest of the group. I always enjoy seeing what each of them has done each month:

KateGun, EvaSue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy,  Tracy, Jill,
Claire, JanMoira, SandraChrisAlys,
KerryClaireJeanJon , HayleyDawn,
Gwen, Bekki, Sue L, Sunny, Kjerstin,
Vera, NanetteAnn, Dawn 2, Noreen (this is me, but you know that) ,
Bear, Carol, Preeti and Edith


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Wooden Bunny Dolls and Crochet Hooks

As part of #the100dayproject challenge, I have been immersed in carving wooden dolls and following where that has lead me for my #100daysofcarvingwoodendolls.

I have been sharing images of wooden mermaid dolls that I have carved over the years, and also bunnies, too….

One little bunny doll, Sophia, sat on my carving desk for weeks and weeks without any arms and legs, and FINALLY, I put carving knife to wood and carved her chubby little arms and legs and I am totally delighted with her!

Sophia is VERY happy to be here in the studio and to be all done!

She then inspired me to carve her some bunny friends who were also inspired by the mermaids that I have been carving.

So, I have carved a trio of bunny mermaids from upcycled wood from a piano that fell apart and our friend the piano tuner rescued pieces of wood for us.

This is Jali and Franny with Sophia. Oops… I haven’t taken a picture with their very tiny wee sister, DebraLou, so here she is:
The nickle is there to show the scale of just how small DebraLou is. She’s a very small bunny mermaid, indeed!

And, then, because I was talking about bunnies, I got out some bunny crochet hooks that I carved quite awhile ago….

The Bunny Heart Spoon wanted to join in the fun, so she joined the rabbit crochet hooks.

AND… that inspired me to FINALLY finish carving a blank that I had made for a crochet hook 10 years ago! wow…

I am totally delighted with her and ….

she has inspired me to immerse myself in carving wooden ‘art’ crochet hooks again…. which is very inspiring and exciting, but that’s another story!

Oh my goodness. while I have been so busy posting images and notes daily to Instagram LINK I haven’t been keeping up with posting to my blog, and yikes, everything has changed here in a new and baffling way! I don’t like it at all and am flumoxed with how to deal with it…. so if this post is not quite right, it’s because I honestly don’t know what I am doing with this new and unwelcome and unfriendly way of posting! Fingers crossed that I can figure this out.


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Bedelia the Mermaid and where she came from

Once upon a time, there was a very, very old wooden bed frame.

It was so old that parts of it broke, and so it was taken apart and about to be thrown in the trash, when someone thought… wait… we know someone who makes things come to life again….

They gave the broken old bed frame to my son, who offered a piece of it to me:

It was very heavy old wood, which soon revealed itself to be exceedingly HARD… and I mean H.A.R.D wood!

I cut out 2 little mermaids from the former bed frame, wiggling around to try to deal with long notches, deep channels and bored out holes that large screws had once lived in.

I sanded the varnish off one set of mermaid blanks, and then remembered to take a picture of the ‘under construction’ stage… some of those scraps of wood are not useable for carving because they have hardware embedded.

Oh my word!  Carving the old hardwood was incredibly challenging, and there were a couple of nights when I was carving until the wee small hours.

I was so happy to finish carving Bedelia, but the incredible hardness and knife dulling properties of the wood made it oh so NOT fun to carve.

So, I am conducting an experiment:

Bedelia’s sister had a long lovely soak, which I hope will make the wood more carving friendly.

And now, oh, poor little mermaid!

She’s in the freezer, waiting for me to have enough time to carve her!

My fingers are crossed that I haven’t destroyed the wood with the soaking and the freezing,

and that I will be able to release the latent mermaid from her cryogenic state soon and more easily than Bedelia!

The next stage of bringing Bedelia to life was to burn and paint her Mermaid scales:

And then assemble her, making all her joints function:

Bedelia wanted to have some Mermaidly fun, so she went for a swim:

Which was a lot of fun, but very tiring, so she came back and relaxed in the studio.

Tottie Tomato went and made Bedelia a lovely cup of tea.

But she was still cold from the wild waves, so I went rummaging through the box of threads that I inherited from my Mother.

And crocheted a lace shawl for Bedelia.

She’s very happy and is looking forward to meeting all the other dolls in the studio.

She is  hopeful that I will get to carving her poor icy sister, very soon!

I hope so, too… but the studio has been a busy place lately, the icy mermaid will have to fit in with the other magic that is being stirred up!

I am so pleased to now be part of a lovely blogging group: Scrap Happy,  that was begun 6 years ago by Kate Chiconi and her friend, Gun, in Sweden.

The Scrap Happy bloggers all post once a month on the 15th about the wonderful things that they are creating from scraps of this and that, and none of it new….

please check out their blog posts, too.   😀

Kate Gun, EvaSue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy,  Tracy, Jill,
Claire, JanMoira, SandraChrisAlys,
KerryClaireJeanJon, HayleyDawn,
Gwen, Bekki, Sue L, Sunny, Kjerstin,
Vera, NanetteAnn, NancyDawn 2, Noreen,
Bear and Carol


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Woven Needle Books instead of Pin Cushions

One of my favorite projects in my new book, Innovative Frame Loom Weaving, is an extremely useful tool.

It’s a woven Needle Book that holds sewing needles.

Pin cushions are good for pins, but needles can get buried in them too easily.

Needle books hold sewing, darning and other craft needles safely and handily.

This video shows variations on the Needle book that I designed for the frame loom, including ones woven on the potholder loom and Weave It style pin loom.

And, also, a relative asked for a brooch that she could stick pins and needles in while mending, so there’s one of those in the video, too!

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Questions about Potholder Looms

I was asked a couple of good questions about potholder looms and potholder loom weaving in the last few days.

One question was about how to decide what size of potholder loom is best.

The other question is about  loops?  yarn?  fabric strips?

Here’s the video:

The book is available for pre-ordering from all the online booksellers and will be available in bookstores in early 2020. Here’s a link: L I N K

And here are links to order potholder looms:

Harrisville Designs

Dewberry Ridge

 The book is available worldwide online from online booksellers and in bookstores.

Happy Weaving!


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How to use Lucet cords to embellish garments

Lucet cords are great for making a favorite garment even more special as they make gorgeous embellishments on clothing.

. The Latchet Lucet allows you to make miles of lucet cord quickly so you can add fab flourishes to garments that you are sewing yourself or to make store bought clothing one of a kind.

This video gives tips, hacks and techniques on how to successfully apply lucet cord to clothing, but you can just as easily add it to curtains, hats, bags or pillows.

The Latchet lucet can be purchased from:

The patterns for the asymmetrical jacket and vest came from the book: Bold & Beautiful Easy Sew Clothes by Habibe Acikgoz. ISBN:978-1-250-02365-0 published by St. Martin’s Griffin

Here’s a video showing how to apply lucet cord to clothing:


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6th Sense Woven Woman Art Doll- The Light of Courage

Here is my latest ‘6th Sense’ Woven Woman one of a kind art doll: The Light of Courage:


The 6th Sense is actually 3 senses rolled into one: Intuition, Inspiration and Imagination.

We all need our 6th Sense to be working well these days, which is why I am making one of a kind art dolls in honor of our Sixth Sense.


The pink wire star was made using the Star loom that I designed for Dewberry Ridge looms: Link

The copper wire behind the wire star on her forehead was woven on the potholder loom.

Her face and hands are wooden.

The star over her heart is copper wire that I crocheted:


Because tatting is so contemplative, I have added some tatted elements that I tatted, using tatting shuttles that I made for myself:


I wove the Dragonfly on the Dragonfly loom that I designed for Dewberry Ridge Looms: Link

The 6 pennies = 6 cents= a metaphor for  The 6th Sense

I wove the fabric for her on 3 small looms: Inkle, 4 harness Structo,  and potholder loom.


I made wooden butterfly wings for her back:


The butterfly wings and dragonfly on the front are symbolic of transformation.

She is 16 inches/42 cm tall by 7 1/2 inches/19 cm wide by 3 1/2 inches/9 cm thick at the base, tapering up to 1 1/2 inches /4 cm thick at the top.



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