Spool knitting comparisons

People often ask me- ‘How can you make different size spool knitted cords?’

There are several  variables that will change the size of your spool knitted cords.

They are:

The size of your spool knitter:  A bigger spool knitter will allow you to spool knit with thicker yarn.

A smaller spool knitter will allow you to spool knit fine threads into slender, fine cords that are not all loopy and droopy.


Another variable is the number of pegs:


The size of the hole in the spool knitter will affect the finished size of the cord, as well.


The thickness of your yarn or thread or cords or roving or fabric strips- thin threads = small spool knitted cords, thicker yarns or combinations of yarns= thick spool knitted cords.

In the picture above, I spool knitted with one or 2 strands of sport weight yarn with the larger spool knitters, and thin threads for the 2 ridiculously tiny spool knitters…… I’ve labelled each of the spool knitters, noting how many pegs there are and how many strands of yarn I used in each cord….. hope the image shows up the differences.

Note that you can make a thicker cord with the same spool knitter, just by using more strands of yarns held together.

The key to making great cords with your spool knitters? Experiment!

All images and text are copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay, so please don’t copy or share them without Noreen Crone-Findlay’s permission. Thank you!


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  1. carmella

    thanks for this VALUABLE info. more spoolknitting is in my future. now how do i attac it to something?? like a bag!??!?!


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