Vintage Spool Knitter


Look who’s having tea with Jane Austen?

It’s Susie Spool Knitter!

Susie has just moved into the doll house, so she’s feeling a little shy and rather tired-

Hopefully she’ll settle in soon…. all the other spool knitters are welcoming her heartily!

Susie Spool Knitter is feeling a little jet lagged, as she has had a long flight across the continent from Conneticut (sp?) and was very cold in the airplane.

Besides, she’s not as young as she once was, so she feels the cold.

Luckily, her friend and namesake, Susan, wrapped her up all cosy, which Susie Spool Knitter appreciated sooooooooo much.     (Thank you, thank you, Susan for this little darling!)

She really needs that cup of tea now, so perhaps, I had better go pour it……

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8 responses to “Vintage Spool Knitter

  1. Marianne

    Dear Noreen, After a really wretched week this made me laugh. Thank you. xoxo Marianne with hugs, love and blessings


  2. Oh, Marianne, I am so sorry that you have had a horrid week.

    Susie Spool Knitter and Jane Austen Spool Knitter, and Tottie Tomato, well, ALL of us here in the studio send you big hugs and lots of love and hope that all shall be well right away.

    Actually, we KNOW that all shall be well….


  3. Hi Noreen!
    I have a very big question for you …….. Would it be okay for me to link to this blog post “Vintage Spool Knitter” on my Flickr group Discussion board.
    Not that I intend to discuss it – but rather just let the others know about it and your new arrival…… I think they would love to see that adorable photo of your spool knitters. Lucky you!!
    (I think it is Connecticut – just pop in a ‘c’)


  4. Hello Marian
    I would be delighted to have you link to this entry! Thank you so much!

    I was going to ask you if you knew where and when Susie Spool Knitter was made? She seems to be fairly ‘vintage’…..
    she has the loveliest little brass pegs…..


  5. Swapna

    Oh Noreen,now a days I be a very busy with my lot work,but this mail makes me laugh.Thank you very much.
    How innocent Susie !! Hope she is ok now.
    Best regards.


  6. Thanks so much Noreen!
    Susie is most likely German, possibly 30’s – 40’s. I have yet to come across one in its box. All of the others that I have seen are the same colour – red and yellow with the “stamped” facial features. (I love the look on their faces!)


  7. Thank you Swapna! I hope that you are well and blooming! I am so pleased that Susie and Jane made you laugh…..


  8. Thank you so much, Marian!
    Susie Spool Knitter may have begun her life far away and long ago, but her travelling days are done, as she has found her ‘forever’ home…. LOL!


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