How to spool knit with 2 pegs- 3 video tutorials

I am working on designs for all kinds of spool knitted jewelry. So I have just made 3 video tutorials that explain how to spool knit 2 peg cords, as these are wonderful in jewelry making.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

2 peg cords are also great for doll and toy making as well as bag handles and other things…

Here are the videos:

Video #1: Basic 2 peg spool knitting: Link

Video #2: How to spool knit a flat link braid: Link

Video #3: More 2 peg techniques: Link

Hope you’ll find them useful!



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5 responses to “How to spool knit with 2 pegs- 3 video tutorials

  1. Aleksa

    Great videos – clear and easy to understand. Thanks!


  2. Your video tutorials are so easy to understand. Thank you again. I know each one takes a lot of time and preparation.


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  4. I love this new format of the videos Noreen…they are great!


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