Staycation in the studio

Oops… I guess I should have posted a note… people have asked if everything’s okay… yes, indeed!

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

We are not going to make our usual holiday jaunt this year, so I have declared that I am having a staycation in the studio.

I am taking a break from blogging.

Instead,  I am spending that time at my looms, and with my hooks and needles and sketchbook,  re-invigorating myself and re-charging my batteries.

Hope you’re enjoying August- I am! (except for the killer mosquitoes and heavy smoke from the forest fires- ugh)

See you in September!

Big hugs all round!



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6 responses to “Staycation in the studio

  1. Alice

    I was just getting ready to email you : ) Enjoy your time out . Can’t wait to see what new ideas you’ll be posting in September.


  2. Jan

    Have a great rest from your work. We look forward to your posts in September.


  3. Aleksa

    Tottie looks SO relaxed, and so COOL in her blue sunglasses. I hope you all enjoy this staycation time.


  4. Tammy

    glad you checked in! I was becoming concerned too. Enjoy yourself – you deserve it!


  5. Happy staycation!
    LUVVV the staycation photo!


  6. Thank you all so much!!! Hope you have all had splendiferous summers!
    🙂 Noreen


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