Angel of Healing dolls

Recently, friends of ours experienced a tragic loss. At the same time, some close friends and family members have been facing some health issues.

I wanted to show my concern, my love, my empathy and my wishes for healing, so I reached for my crochet hook.

I designed a new Angel of Healing doll, and have been crocheting them up for the dear ones that I am wishing healing and wholeness.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

You can order a copy of the pdf pattern from my website if you would like to make some Angels of Healing for those that you love, and also, while you are at it, do make one for yourself!


Here’s how I describe them on my website:

Love is the most powerful medicine.

And, that is what this Crocheted Angel of Healing doll is all about.  The Angel of Healing is meant to be made in a contemplative, meditative, prayerful way, so that it is filled with wishes for healing, wholeness, peace, harmony and happiness.

The crocheted  Healing Angel doll can be made small enough to fit  in your pocket (or the pocket of someone that you care about) to remind you (and them) that you (and they) are loved and cherished.  Or, you can make it larger.

When you crochet your Healing Angel, you can express your creativity in endless ways with your choice of yarns or threads. (It’s a great stash buster, as it takes only tiny amounts of yarn, and it’s also a great way of upcycling by using tarn and other ‘alternative’ yarns).

The Healing Angels are meant to have treasures included in them,  so the pattern tells you how to do that.

The wings are shaped into a sideways ‘8’, which is the symbol of infinity, because this Healing Angel is a reminder of love, which is “to infinity, and beyond….. “

Make Angels of Healing for yourself, or for the ones you love. They are a beautiful way to express the wish for healing and wholeness!



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2 responses to “Angel of Healing dolls

  1. I love your healing dolls Noreen, they are just precious and so needed right now in the world. What a gift YOU are to the world, creating these magical spiritual beings. Bless you a thousand times honey…

    Maitri ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ


  2. Thank you soooooooo much, Maitri! I am working on ‘The Angel of Compassion’ and will soon have the pattern completed for her 🙂 big hugs!


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