Quick tip for cutting hand woven fabric

So many people are afraid to cut their handwoven fabric….

BUT…. conquering the fear of snipping means that you can chop away with great gusto and whip up fabulous, one of a kind garments and accessories! So, YAY!

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.crone-findlay.com

I was cutting out a spiffy hat today, and it struck me that I should make a quick little video to show what I do to cut off a length of fabric from my main piece of hand woven. So here’s what I do when I am cutting out the pieces for a project:



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2 responses to “Quick tip for cutting hand woven fabric

  1. Fran Lo

    Thanks! Handwoven fabric just takes a little extra because it ravels so easily – this is so helpful.


    • Hi Fran
      Yes, handwoven fabric is definitely NOT scary…. it just takes some understanding of how to keep it from unraveling 🙂 but it can be intimidating to someone who hasn’t tried cutting their hand wovens. 🙂


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