Challenging week

This has been a very difficult week for us.

On Monday, our beloved little dog, who has been chronically ill for years, became terribly ill, then rallied briefly, but went into crisis.

Early Tuesday morning, we took him to our wonderful vet, who eased his passing.

As everyone who loves their animal companion knows, it has been very hard to loose this dear little fellow….

Our sweet boy

Our sweet boy

While we were in the midst of nursing him through to his passing, another challenge arose.

For several weeks, I have been working with my website host to try to rescue my website, which was hacked.

Finally, they told me that the only thing they could do was to wipe it right out to get rid of the nastiness that the hackers had planted.


Website gone.

So many hours of work.

Up in smoke.


We have been so moved by the kindness of family, friends and fellow travelers.


That’s what it’s all about.


And, kindness.

And compassion.

But, yes…. it’s all about love.





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14 responses to “Challenging week

  1. Diane Roeder

    So sorry about your little pup. A chihuahua? I recently fostered a little chihuahua who was so scared at the shelter that he was making himself un-adoptable. I had him for six weeks, and he was adopted on Saturday. Two little pups moved on to their next destination this week.


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    • Hi Diane, Thank you. And, yes, he was a chihuahua/dachschund cross. We rescued him more than 10 years ago. He was surrendered to the SPCA, and was going to be killed because he was so terrified that he was biting everyone who came near him. We got the call from the chihuahua rescue, and Jim raced over to pick him up, minutes before our little guy was going to be put down. Our sweet little guy, who had been ferocious to everyone, took one look at Jim and threw himself at him, and tried to climb into his arms. He spent more than ten happy years glued to Jim and me, and we loved him to bits. Thank you so much for doing animal rescue! It is a cause that is dear to our hearts!


  2. ladybrook3

    Hang in there! ! You always inspire me so just know you do make a difference.
    So sad to hear about your pup. 😦
    My thoughts are with you and yours!

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  3. It is hard to say goodbye to someone you love no matter what size,,,may the spirit of love surround you.

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  4. Caroline & family

    We are all so sorry to hear that you have lost such a dear companion…I like to hear your dogs joining in your tutorials, such a precious part of life and never forgotten. xox

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    • Thank you so much, Caroline- yes, he did like to organize things for me, including ‘getting conversational’ while I was shooting videos. He was never far from my side, always did yoga with me, and there were times when he walked so close to me that he tripped me! Oh, how I miss him!


  5. Caroline & family

    We are all so sorry to hear that you have lost such a precious companion, I have always enjoyed hearing your dogs join in your tutorials. How lovely that he found such a wonderful family to be part of.

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  6. griffonsong

    So much loss… He was such a grand little dog, and you were such good parents.

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  7. So very sorry to hear of your loss. Our pets certainly fill our hearts. But, I believe that they wait for us and we will cross over the Rainbow Bridge together. Blessings

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