Book Contract Signed- Now I Can Tell

Wheee!  I am so excited!

I can  finally share my good news!

For months, I have been sworn to secrecy, but now….the contracts are signed…. so……..

My editor has given me the go ahead to let the cat out of the bag.

(A brief moment of happy dancing here)

Stackpole Books is going to be publishing my new book about Peg and Stick Loom Weaving.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I love peg looms and stick weaving- they are simple little looms, but have incredible creative potential.

I have already self published many ebooks and patterns for wonderful designs with peg and stick looms:

Jewelry making with Peg and Stick looms: LINK

Baskets LINK

Mermaid Dolls LINK

Woven Dolls: with 6 weaving sticks LINK  with 4 weaving sticks LINK

A shortcut to my Peg Loom & Stick Weaving listings on etsy are: ETSY

And, I’ll post pics of some of the tapestries that I have woven on the Peg Loom soon, just to show a bit more of the potential of these delightful looms.

For the new book, I have designed oodles and oodles and oodles of new designs- oh my!  I am so excited!!!!!

And…. I am covering all kinds of awesome techniques right from the very basics up to advanced and slightly boggling ways of working with the peg loom.  (And weaving sticks, too).

I’ll be working my sweet little chops off from now until June of 2015, when the manuscript, photos, illustrations and diagrams take flight to land in the capable hands of my editor and her clever cohorts.

They will then spend months making magic with it, (so much happens to the text, photos, diagrams and illustrations once the wizards of technology at Stackpole Books get their hot little hands flying!).

Then, the book comes back to me for my proofreading, and back to them and then, it takes flight again, off to the printers.

That’s why it takes another whole year before it can miraculously pop up on book shelves.

It’s worth the wait 🙂  I hope.

I’ve asked my editor if it’s okay to share my journey with writing the book with you, and she has said yes, as long as it doesn’t upset people that they have to wait so long for it.

There is soooooooooooo much involved in writing a book, and I find it very interesting, so I hope that you will, too.

(And of course, I can’t let the cat out of the bag about the exact projects until the book is closer to release, but then, I’ll be able to share ALL the pics).

But, now…. I must get back to work!

After  a little more happy dancing, of course….. 🙂



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24 responses to “Book Contract Signed- Now I Can Tell

  1. Alliston

    Hey Mum,

    sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the ETSY link is broken…



  2. Paula Stark

    Congratulations. You are such a talented artist.

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  3. Congratulations! As the friend of writers, I know that it’s a long road. I’m sure it will be worth the journey!

    Btw, I loved the Woven Women. Way better in person.


    • Thank you so much, Judi 🙂 Yes, it is a long journey, but it one that I love to be on. This is my 5th book with commercial publishers, although it is my first with Stackpole Books and already, I love them 🙂 And, I am so glad that you were pleased with my Woven Women – yay!!!


  4. Karen Cooper

    A whole year to wait? That stinketh but I know it will definitely be worth the wait.Your designs are awesome!!!!!

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  5. How exciting! Congratulations!!

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  6. Congratulations – that is fabulous news!!

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  7. I’ve been out of circulation for a while but how delightful to find this post when I clicked on your blog. I absolutely sure it will be worth the wait for the reality of book in my hand, funny I was showing someone your bag book this weekend and know that another copy is going to be purchased ;0)

    I love the peg loom too, funny I think it’s far more well know here where as the pin looms are hardly know at all. Both have kept me sane over the many months of not being able to read either book or screen and the gentle growth of the smallest square to larger bed covering :0) kept me safe in thoughts of creation rather than the destruction being so evidently being wrought in my body.

    Think about you often and send much light and love…and now congratulations, I look forward to your posts on the process of finding a published book in your hands.


    • I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a challenging time with your health, Daisy Winifred. May you be blessed with soothing relief and your days be full of delight! And, of course, happy weaving! 🙂 And, I appreciate your kind thoughts, love and light 🙂


  8. Caroline

    Skippy, happy hugs…. Congratulations, I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

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  9. minilooms11

    I am just so excited for you! You’ve worked long and hard for this opportunity. Well deserved! Can’t wait to follow your journey.

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  10. Congratulations on signing the book deal. I am sure you will do a wonderful job!

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  11. Congratulations! This is very exciting news. Do not forget to look after yourself in the midst of creating and working, working, working!

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