How to Make a Niddy Noddy from Cardboard to Wind Skeins

My friend, Teresa gave me a bag of gorgeous Alpaca fiber – bliss!

I started spinning it up, but realized that I had misplaced my Niddy Noddy.

So, I thought… I can make one from cardboard.

One thing lead to another, and I soon ended up with 2 charming little characters who do acrobatics to help me wind a skein of yarn.

They are sturdy, work perfectly and are easy to store.

A totally successful upcycle of re-using cardboard. Yay!

Here’s the pattern that I finally settled on… after a LOT of tweaking and twiddling:

Print it full page:  I couldn’t get the thumbnail to open to a larger version, so I have added a larger version at the end of the post that I hope will work for you!


And here’s a video that shows how to use it, as well as the inspiration for Niddy and Noddy’s faces:

Happy Spinning, Happy Weaving, Happy Upcycling!



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6 responses to “How to Make a Niddy Noddy from Cardboard to Wind Skeins

  1. What a charming little creation! Now I know what a niddy noddy is!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jackie Sutherland

    Thank you Noreen. I appreciate all your videos.


  3. Sue

    Hello. I came across you lovely video for making this Niddy Noddy but can’t find the link for the pattern. Clicking on the picture of the pattern does do anything. Is there another link somewhere I am missing?


    • Hi Sue- I couldn’t get it to open full size, so I uploaded a larger version at the end of the post. Click on it and a drop box should show up with options. Click on ‘open in a new page’ and then it should open with options for you to print it out. Hope this works. I have no idea why it was all weird. Happy Spinning!


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