Woven Women- The Stories We Tell

This is the latest in my series of Woven Women mixed media tapestries: “The Stories We Tell”.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.tottietalkscrafts.com

Here’s the video that explains it:

I wove the center galaxy section on a 15 inch peg loom from Dewberry Ridge looms. The dragonflies and star were also woven on looms that I designed for Dewberry Ridge.

I wove the words on my double slotted rigid heddle.

I worked the hand in Teneriffe lace and lucet cords.

It’s 20 inches/50 cm wide and 21 inches/52.5 cm tall.

It took more than 8 weeks of intensive weaving for me to complete this piece.



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10 responses to “Woven Women- The Stories We Tell

  1. Lovely lovely. What a lot of planning must have gone into this. How did you get the swirling color in the circle? Did you dye it after, or was it endless sampling? Because wow on the swirliness.


    • Thank you so much. Yes, countless hours of work did go into it… and oh yes, I forgot to mention that I appliqued tatted dragonflies onto it as well 🙂
      I wove the peg loom circle using this technique:

      I used about a dozen strands of crochet cotton held together to weave the circle and then, I dyed the galaxy image onto the circle, while referring to images of the galaxies from the Hubble telescope.
      I am working on another galaxy weaving now, using handspun yarn that my daughter in law spun for me in a galaxy colorway, and it is working brilliantly. So, there are several ways to achieve galaxies when weaving with the peg loom. It’s intriguing and rather addictive!


  2. Diana Taylor

    Noreen, this is stunning! I can’t begin to imagine the hours of work this took to create this beautiful piece. I have often contemplated how a woven galaxy might look, and now I know. I love your woven women series!

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    • Thank you, thank you so much, Diana! Yes, there are many hours invested in this piece, but they are hours of contemplation, meditation, prayer and celebration. Also, there’s the ‘how am I going to do this?’ head scratching and puzzling and questioning, but that’s delicious, as it’s part of the growing with the piece. I really appreciate your support- it means the world to me! ❤


  3. The world is richer now- thank you

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  4. Quite an impressive project, Noreen! Can’t imaging anyone else doing it, except for maybe some of the pieces.


  5. What an amazing piece! And the text that goes with it is stunning as well. You’re brilliant!

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