Woven Word Tapestries by Noreen Crone-Findlay

I am working on a series of woven tapestries and mixed media woven works that have prayers, poems and blessings woven into them.

The light hasn’t been good enough to photograph my latest piece: ‘Thank You’, so I have made a short video showing her and a few other ‘Woven Word’ pieces in the series.

I am working on several new pieces at once, and when they are done, I’ll post videos and photos of them, too.




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8 responses to “Woven Word Tapestries by Noreen Crone-Findlay

  1. So beautiful it makes me cry…(but not sadly)

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  2. I can hardly wait to see these! I know they will be stunning.

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  3. Diana Taylor

    Oh! Noreen! These are really amazing! You’ve beautifully woven such humbling prayers. I love to practice spiritual weaving, and your work embodies this genre. Wonderful!

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  4. Noreen – You are such an amazing person – your weaving and your beautiful thoughts.

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