Woven Women: Stardust Woman

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.tottietalkscrafts.com

For many months, I have been working on a new Woven Woman that is based on Rumi’s poem:

‘We came whirling out of nothingness

Scattering stars like dust…..

The stars made a circle

and in the middle

we danced’

I wove the words on the magical narrow band loom that my son and I created- LINK

using a double slotted rigid heddle.

To weave the letters, I graphed out my hand writing and experimented until the letters wove up in a pleasing manner, both technically, and aesthetically.

I also used the dragonfly and star looms that I designed for Dewberry Ridge looms – LINK

And, I included some tatting, too.

I made the face and hands from 1/2 inch plywood and the backdrop from 1/4 inch plywood.

She’s a departure from the direction I have been going with my Woven Women, so I really questioned myself about her.

She spent quite a long time on the dining room table as I moved her component parts from here to there.

And now,  completed, she measures 11 inches wide and from the top of the arch to the tassel at her hem is more than 60 inches.

But, I feel really drawn to weave words right now, so I will continue to do more….

The next Woven Woman is on the loom already. 🙂



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10 responses to “Woven Women: Stardust Woman

  1. Lovely Heavenly work, thanks for showing us!

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  2. Diana Taylor

    Beautiful, Noreen. Simply stunning! I’ve really been influenced by your icon style of weaving, and I love all the embellishment. I just ordered the star loom and can see I definitely need a dragonfly! Mostly, I love the romance, whimsy and spirituality of your weavings. You live in a fairyland where anything is possible.


    • Thank you so much, Diana 🙂

      I love icons and even though I don’t follow the very firm guidelines that have been established by master iconographers, I do try to bring that energy into my Woven Women.

      I am going to whisper your words: ‘Anything is possible’ to the very cranky warp that is behaving in a very unco-operative manner 🙂
      It’s trying to convince me that it has no interest in doing what I want it to….


  3. Rosemary Anzicek

    Noreen – this piece is beautiful and inspiring.


  4. Belinda

    another beauty.

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  5. Wow! More stunning beauty from you. Years ago, when my partner was being treated for cancer, we were part of a relaxation group that met weekly for support and guided meditation. One of the meditations that touched me most deeply reminded us “you are the same stuff the stars are made of.” Such a potent reminder from you and Rumi. Thank you.

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    • Yes- we really are the stuff of the stars, which is what this poem by Rumi reminds me of…and that our DNA spirals, crackling and shimmering with that stardust energy, infinite, abundant and beautiful! 🙂


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