Color weaving on the potholder loom- Hounds Tooth Checks

Here’s another installment in my series of video tutorials on weaving with yarn  on the potholder loom, using colorwork techniques.  I hope that these videos will bring you some respite from the challenges of the pandemic!

The Houndstooth Check is a timeless classic pattern that can be woven on any size potholder loom.

I’ve figured out a way of warping the potholder loom that makes colorwork with yarn much easier- there are some tricks to it.  This video reveals them all 🙂

Houndstooth Check is woven slightly differently on the 18 and 36 peg potholder loom than on the 9 and 27 peg potholder looms.

Here’s the video tutorial:


Happy Weaving- stay well!


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