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Potholder Loom Techniques- The Lower Left Hand Corner and a gift

Yesterday, I was so touched to receive a lovely package in the mail.

In the package, there were 2 vintage/antique Teneriffe Lace looms (Polka looms) and books and several other treasures.

It’s a lovely gift! Thank you so much Camilla!

In the package there was also a lovely letter thanking me for all my hard work.

Also, there was a question about the lower left hand corner of the weaving on the Potholder Loom.    I think that this corner of the weaving may be problematic for people, so I am glad that she asked about it.

So, here’s the video explaining the long loop, and at the end of the video, there is a small glimpse at all the treasures in the package.  I am so grateful for this unexpected act of kindness.  Wow….

PS:  There are also a few of the wooden dolls that I love to carve. I couldn’t resist including them in the video 😀

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Upcycling old crochet cotton with potholder looms

For many years, I have adopted all the stray balls of crochet cotton that I have found at the thrift shop.

I have happily been using them in many different ways, but now they are coming together to be upcycled into lovely kitchen cloths to use instead of paper towels.

They are a pleasure to weave on potholder looms and are lovely and soft.

While we are all holding the fort at home, let’s create some beauty, and enjoy the sweet pleasure of weaving on simple looms!

Here’s the video I made about this very satisfying form of upcycling.


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Color weaving on the potholder loom- Hounds Tooth Checks

Here’s another installment in my series of video tutorials on weaving with yarn  on the potholder loom, using colorwork techniques.  I hope that these videos will bring you some respite from the challenges of the pandemic!

The Houndstooth Check is a timeless classic pattern that can be woven on any size potholder loom.

I’ve figured out a way of warping the potholder loom that makes colorwork with yarn much easier- there are some tricks to it.  This video reveals them all 🙂

Houndstooth Check is woven slightly differently on the 18 and 36 peg potholder loom than on the 9 and 27 peg potholder looms.

Here’s the video tutorial:


Happy Weaving- stay well!

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Color weaving on the Potholder loom- Simple stripes

Weaving simple stripes on the potholder loom isn’t quite as simple as it seems….

There’s a trick to it, and I have made a video showing how to do it.

This technique will make other color work  easier to weave, too….  (more videos to follow…..)

Here’s the ‘how to’ video for simple stripes-  Happy Weaving!


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The Mighty Big Mamma Potholder loom- yay!

I am so delighted to introduce a wonderful, yummy new potholder loom:

The Mighty Big Mamma Potholder Loom  🙂

She’s a 36 nail potholder loom that weaves a 12 inch square.

The Mighty Big Mamma Potholder Loom is in response to people asking for a bigger potholder loom than the pro size (27 nail loom).

I thought long and hard about what would make the Mighty Big Mama a sweetheart of a loom to weave on, and Gary McFarland of Dewberry Ridge looms has put everything that I asked for into the making of her.

There are some tricks to weaving with the Mighty Big Mamma, so I am making a series of videos about her,.

The first video shows  how to weave tabby (plain weave) in the ‘4 Square’ pattern with the help of a very pleasing shed stick.

Here’s the first video:

I love this loom!

Happy Weaving!

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Corrections for typo errors in the Potholder Loom Weaving book

Oh dear!  3 more errors in the Potholder Loom Weaving book have surfaced:

Page 51, lines 1 and 2 have typos.

Here’s the correction:



Page 59, in the Diamond Twill pattern for the 18 peg potholder loom:


And:  The Dancing Lady chart for the 18 peg loom on page 53 has a typo:


I apologize for these typos.  😦


But, Happy Weaving, errors and all….

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100 Little Comfort Bears in January 2020

I have been making Comfort Bears for a community in Northern Saskatchewan.

One of our close relatives has been working with people in the town because of his job.

When he heard that there is a high stress level there, he mentioned to a front line care person there that I make Comfort Bears, and so they asked if I would be willing to make some Comfort Bears for them.

I couldn’t get to them right away because at that point in time I was working 24/7 to deadline on the 2 new books that I have coming out this year as well as a solo show that was here in Edmonton before Christmas.

Once those deadlines were met, I set in on making Comfort Bears for them.

I sent  a box of 30 Comfort Bears off to them:

The timing of sending them seemed to be powerfully right… as  a teenager had died of suicide and that the box of 30 bears had arrived soon after and had been given to his grieving classmates.

I was deeply saddened, and was grateful that the little bears had been there at the right time to do their job.

When my contact person told me that there were other people waiting for Comfort Bears, and that their need is great   (I  don’t want to say why, as that would be a violation of their privacy) I cried.

I was galvanized to get more Comfort Bears to them as quickly as possible.    I had been working on more bears for other groups, but I chose to re-direct them to my contact person.

I set myself a goal to weave 100 Comfort Bears before the end of January.

This meant that I had to put aside everything else that I was working on, but that’s okay.

I DID IT!   Hurrah!

I have sent another 50 bears off to my contact person and I hope that they will bring all kinds of happiness with them.

Sometimes people just need to know that someone that doesn’t know them still cares about them.

There are 50 Comfort Bears in this box.

With love in every stitch.

It helps me to sleep at night to know that I am doing this small thing,  when otherwise, I would be worrying about people who are going through ghastly things.

A few things that I have discovered as I have ‘marathoned’ on the Comfort Bears-

1- Wow, have I ever gotten fast at weaving them! The more I weave the more streamlined the process has become!

2- No 2 bears are alike. Even the ones who were born out of the same ball of yarn have totally different faces.

3- The faces on the little bears seem to be ‘destined’ – a couple of the bears look distinctly grumpy.  I was not pleased about that as I was aiming for them to be comforting after all.  But, as much as I tried to cheer their faces up, they solemnly refused my efforts.  Okay.  Maybe some people need a Comfort Bear that isn’t going to be grinning at them.

4- I usually have a hard time with January.  Yes, the days are getting longer, thank goodness, but for crying out loud, when an Arctic cold front lands on us for record breaking days and days and days, it’s truly brutal.

And, the political situation…. sigh….  and worries about the planet……  sigh/sob….. and awful things that people are dealing with…. oh my word…..

BUT… I have found great joy in the making of these 100 little bears, and respite from the worries and woes about the state of the world.

Yes, it’s such a small thing that I am doing, but it has helped me to feel better.  And, that matters.

5-  People are so kind!

I have talked about this on facebook and youtube, and people have offered to make some Comfort Bears and send them to me, but I am asking them to please make Comfort Bears for the people who come into their lives, wherever they live- whether it’s a classroom full of special needs kids, or a neighbor who is having a tough time or a stranger that is obviously in need of a little kindness, or someone is sick or scared or lonely or working really hard or studying for exams…….

The pattern for the woven Comfort Bears is in my book: Potholder Loom Weaving.

Free patterns for crocheted and knitted Comfort Bears are on this link: LINK

Please won’t you join me in making Comfort Bears?

Thanks ❤




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Potholder Loom Weaving- Working with Shed Sticks

If your weaving hook is too short to reach across your potholder loom, using a shed stick will solve that problem.

Also, you can use a shed stick when you are weaving twills, too.

Here’s the video:

The Potholder Loom Weaving book is available at all online book vendors and you can also order it from your local bookstore.

Happy Weaving!


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An error in the Potholder Loom Weaving book

An astute weaver caught an error in the Potholder Loom Weaving book:

I made a little video that shows exactly where to look on page 52 of the Potholder Loom Weaving book to correct the error in the chart.  I apologize for the error.  😦

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Potholder Loom Blanket Free Pattern by Noreen Crone-Findlay

I wrote and designed and wrote and designed sooooooooooooo many patterns and projects for the Potholder Loom Weaving book that the book became too big, and my editor and I had to make some hard decisions. Even so, the book is a lot thicker than the publisher had originally intended, so many thanks to Stackpole Books and especially to my wonderful editor, Candi Derr, for going to bat for the book and letting it grow bigger than it was originally intended.

We pulled this design from the book and now I am offering it to you as a gift.

If you want to make the blanket larger, use a 27 peg (Pro size) 9 inch loom instead of the Traditional 18 peg size potholder loom.  If you want to make the blanket smaller, use the 3 inch size potholder loom (available here: LINK)


POTHOLDER LOOM GEOMETRIC  BLANKET by Noreen Crone-Findlay (copyright)

The Geometric  blanket is a cozy wrap to keep you warm no matter what season. The teddy bears and their friends are having a lovely picnic on the Geometric blanket.  Won’t you join them?


NOTES: Feel free to change colors and yarns. The blanket in the photos was woven with a single strand of bulky yarn. If you choose to work with thinner yarns, you will need to purchase (or spin) twice as much yarn and use 2 or more strands held together as if they are a single strand.

The twill pattern is on page 59 of Potholder Loom Weaving.  The brown and green butterflies in the original blanket didn’t work well, so use the twill pattern or you choice of alternates instead.

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS:  60 inches/150 cm square.

If you would like a larger blanket, then use the large size (27 pegs or nails per side) potholder loom, following the chart and weaving the same number of squares and rectangles.  You will need to purchase at least 50% more yarn.

WPI of yarn: 6 wraps per inch

EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS: Potholder loom- 6 inch size (18 pegs or nails per side), Optional: Small size (9 pegs or nails per side) potholder loom; weaving hook; chopstick or knitting needle for shed stick; crochet hook; scissors; tapestry or craft needle.

YARN: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Tonal; Bulky #5 weight yarn; 80% acrylic/ 20% wool; 124 yd/ 113 m; 4 oz/113 gm; 1 strand of yarn is used as warp and weft. 3 balls of each of the following colors: #112 Raspberry; #153 Night Sky; #123 Sand; #126 Coffee; 4 balls of #194 Lime.



20 squares in #194 Lime  Here’s a link that will show you how to weave with yarn on the potholder loom: LINK

16 squares warped with #194 Lime and woven with #126 Coffee

16 squares in #112 Raspberry

1 square in #153 Night Sky

12 squares in #126 Coffee

36 rectangles, warped vertically over 9 pegs or nails, and woven horizontally over 18 pegs or nails in #153 Night Sky, woven using Rectangle technique on

16 squares in #123 Sand

4 small squares in #194 Lime, woven using instructions for how to weave small squares (9 pegs or nails by 9 pegs or nails) on p.10 of the Potholder Loom Weaving book or instructions that came with the small size potholder loom.



Stitch all the squares and rectangles together, following the chart .

Start at the middle and work out.

See  for instructions on how to stitch modules together.







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