Carving Spoon Dolls as a Way to Make Sense of the World

I have been pondering and mulling and thinking and feeling and questioning and reeling from world events.

To soothe and heal the stress and anguish that watching the unfolding of the dramas out in the world,

I have been using the power of metaphor and the physical process of carving my wooden spoon dolls.

to start to make sense of things, I felt like I needed to re-connect to nature.

Immersing myself in carving wood that has come from trees that lived and then died in our neighborhood is a powerful way of connecting to the energy of the earth, the stars, the rain, the sun, the snow….

I began last week’s carving with a Tree Spirit Spoon Doll…

As I was carving her, I realized that from now on, all the bowls of my spoon dolls need to be heart shaped-

They are invocations of Love.

Carving images of love and connection made me think a lot about sisterhood and how precious dear friends are.

These two little Sister Spoons were directly influenced by all the thousands of Comfort Bears that I have made over the years.

I wondered if I could combine the softness of lucet cord handspun (alpaca and wool) yarn with the solidity of wood to create

‘Comfort Sisters’.

The answer is, ‘Yes’…..

Our neighbors on both sides have babies and toddlers and I love watching them blossom.

I want them to grow up in a world that is in much better shape than it is now.

I want them to live in a world where people are kind!

So, this Spoon Doll is dedicated to the Little Ones, who deserve to have the Book of Kindness being a guidebook for everyone.


I was thinking about accountability and responsibility and the image of a very firm, loving, but ‘Listen Here!” Granny

who laid out a couple of really important rules and guidelines emerged.


As I was carving her, I loved the feeling of the gouge lifting petals of wood up,

and the feeling of ‘Yes-ness’ about working with a precious material that is a living thing- the lifestuff of trees.


Trees are ancient and don’t need rules the way people seem to….

Here are Granny’s Rules:


I have had so many powerful and wonderful conversations with friends and family this week about the healing power of making art.

That has been such a restorative thing for my soul.

I ended this week’s carving with thoughts about how we are all made of stardust,

and that we are part of a much greater cosmos than we can ever imagine, but we need to try to remember to imagine that,

and so much more….

So, I carved another Starbaby (with lovely Chokecherry wood)

as a reminder of our roots in Source energy,

and also as a reminder to myself of a dream that I had more than 35 years ago-

In the dream, the Northern Lights filled the sky, and

thousands of laughing, chortling, squealing with delight, Starbabies

slid and tumbled down to earth, bringing incredible joy and goodness with them.

May they continue to do so!

Here’s to Goodness! ❤





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6 responses to “Carving Spoon Dolls as a Way to Make Sense of the World

  1. Marie Christine Viry

    Hi Noreen,
    I like your post very much, and share every hope with you.
    The comfort bears and little sisters is what I like best, they are not only cute but aslo moving. I’ve often noticed that what we make with our own hands bears true emotions, and I am very sensitive to these emotions in the work of other people’s hands.
    What a beautiful dream you had about the Northern sky’s Starbabies !

    All the best,



    • Thank you so much, Marie-Christine 🙂 I made the Little Comfort Sister Spoondolls to be able to be carried in a pocket, as it is so important to have ‘touchstones’ of comfort in our pockets, and to feel the love with which they are carved at all times 🙂 I agree that we do indeed impart our love to the makings of our hands. Our hands are in tune with our hearts and that matters so very much! Yes, the Star Baby dream has been an important dream for me for more than 35 years. I still remember sitting bolt upright in bed and looking out the window to see if there were Northern Lights, and saying, ‘WOW.. wow….’ and feeling so blessed!


  2. Kathy

    Your carved spoons are amazing and show the pure joy they were made with. The sentiments are so needed in our world now, simple kindness would go so far in bringing healing. Thanks for this post.


  3. I love your small wooden joyful creations, they are more evidence that small is not the same as insignificant, as my little woodens constantly remind me.


    • Dearest Quimper Hitty,
      Your woodenworks are masterpieces of carving and painting in and of themselves, but also, you combine them with masterful storytelling and magnificent photography. Your blog brings me joy in every single post, so yes, a thousand times yes, small is deeply powerful and imbued with meaning. Thank you sooooooooo much for all that you do and create and share. You make the world a much, much better place. I am grateful for you! And, thank you for your kind comment! ❤


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