There’s a Summer Weaving Challenge this summer

Mirrix Looms are sponsoring a Summer Weaving Challenge again this summer.

Go to for all the info.

I am going to be leading the Challenge for the week of August 8th – 14th.

I’ll be adding to the inspiration by posting all kinds of fun weaving projects with a focus on the magic of frame looms.

I am featuring the Mirrix Saffron and as a sweet little treat, I’m also going to be using the Baby Duo from Hello! Looms. (

If you don’t have a copy of my book Innovative Weaving on the Frame Loom, it’s available at Mirrix looms in their ‘Starter Packages’ section of their shop. Here’s the link:

It’s FULL of great how to’s and other deliciousness. Small loom weaving is perfect for summer.

It’s going to be fun!


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