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Simple Little Things That Make Me Happy- Beading

One of the things that I am learning about living with Long Covid is to be gentle with myself and stop just “pushing through”. I have had a very bad habit of over working all my adult life, and now, that’s not possible anymore.

So even though I am working to deadline on a new little book (thank goodness it’s a little one- I don’t have the wherewithal to do another ‘big’ book), I am taking time to enjoy some simple little things that make me happy….

What makes me happiest? My husband, our beloved family, our friends…. you know, all the truly BIG important things, so that all goes without saying…. even though I just said it! 🙂

Okay…. so a simple little thing that makes me happy?

Bead weaving. Last summer, I wove a new Goddess figure that was fairly complex…. but life has gotten complicated since last summer, (no time or energy for larger figurative weaving right now… but that will happen again- after the book is done and I am further along with making peace with Long Covid) so for now, I have warped up my little Mirrix Mini and have been weaving a super simple little band that might become a bracelet or a book mark or part of one of the new series of Goddess figures that is currently on hold until the book is done.

At first, my ‘Gremlins’ were all judgie: Oh this is not good enough, blah blah blah….

I told the Gremlins to shut up, as this is NOT about ‘good enough’….

it’s just a simple little thing that makes me happy.

My husband turned the beautiful wooden beading bowls for me almost 40 years ago.

They make me happy, too.

I hope that you are finding Simple Little Things that make you happy, too!



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