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On the river

Yesterday, my husband and I, and our son and his wife and her sister, and our daughter and her husband and their son and her husband’s parents all had a blissful ‘staycation’.

Here’s Jim and me with our beloved little grandson, watching the world go by, thanks to the gigantic paddle wheels.

copyright Chloe Findlay-Harder

copyright Chloe Findlay-Harder

We had a magical ride on the Edmonton Riverboat Queen, which paddles up and down the North Saskatchewan River in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta.

I have driven, walked, and biked over the river.  I have walked along it, and even dabbled my feet in it, but I have Never. Been. ON. it.

Jim and our son and his wife have all canoed and kayaked it, but not me.

I am a ‘fire’ person, not so much, well, not at all, a’ water’ baby.

But, oh, my goodness! I really got it about how wonderful it is to be ‘messing about in boats’, as Ratty in Wind in the Willows always says….

It was ‘time out of time’, and I had a whole new sense of the history of the city, as we saw how the original people of this land would have seen it.

And, also, how the Voyageurs would have paddled their gigantic loads up and down it.

The rain had been pelting down, so it started out cool and overcast, but in typical Alberta summer fashion, the sun soon poured through and layers came off.

We topped off the afternoon with a wonderful picnic, and the singing of variations on birthday greeting songs, as many of the family are summertime babies.

Truly a magical day, filled with beautiful times.

I am blessed.






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Woven Women- May Day in her frame

A few months ago, my wonderful daughter, Chloe Findlay-Harder, bought me some exquisite vintage chip carved frames in our favorite thrift shop.

Oh my! Inspiration!

Weave  tiny tapestries!

Make  moulds!

Cast plaster of paris to make many frames!

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.crone-findlay.com

Well…. it’s been a lot of work, and I haven’t been at all certain that it would turn out…

I’ve had a few fails along the way, but….


I finished the first tiny tapestry (it’s 3 inches by 5 inches) – I posted about it yesterday.

She’s called: Woven Women: May Day

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay www.crone-findlay.com

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.crone-findlay.com

I loved weaving her soooooooooooooooo much that I asked my darlin’ husband to make me a teeny tiny copper pipe loom for weaving the rest of the series.  Bless his heart, he built me a poifeck one, but more about that later….

Anyhow, with trepidation, I painted many layers of paint onto one of the frames, added some woven band to the top and bottom and worked out a system that will keep the tiny tapestry secured in the frame.

And, Voila!

Here she is:

‘Woven Women: May Day’ in her frame.  (The frame measures about 8 inches/20 cm tall by 6 inches/15 cm wide).

The photo goobered on me and doesn’t show the paint accurately.  Ah, well, c’est la vie….

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.crone-findlay.com

I LOVE LOVE LOVE weaving these tiny tapestries more than words can say!

Happy dancing.  Yup. 🙂

The only problem is that I love working on the tiny tapestries so much, that it’s hard for me to go back to weaving on a larger scale! oops….



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