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Easily Amused Monster to Weave on Equilateral Triangle Looms

Sometimes, we need laughter in our lives. It’s such a wonderful way of healing all manner of sorrows!

I have just designed a little bit of woven laughter.

They are certainly not what most people think of as ‘Healing Dolls’, but I am finding them to be VERY healing!

I have been very depressed as I grieve the recent death of my beloved son in law, and both my grief counselor and psychologist have told me that I NEED to have fun and to laugh…..

(if you are having issues with depression, please get help! I am so glad that I have!)

So, here they are…. The Easily Amused Monsters! They are so easy to weave on Equilateral Triangle looms and such fun to personalize and make totally unique.

The Easily Amused Monsters are quirky and are great at making you laugh and smile.

They have washers stitched to the top of their heads, the ends of their arms and legs and one on their faces for a mouth.  This means that when little magnets are clicked to the washers, the Easily Amused Monsters can do all kinds of goofy things.

The magnets allow them to take silly poses and to be attached to metal surfaces like fridges, metal doors, filing cabinets etc. and to hold onto things like thimbles ….

Their mismatched eyes add to their silliness.

The Easily Amused Monsters LOVE to give hugs!

If you would like to order the pdf pattern for the Easily Amused Monster

Please post a note in the comments and I will get back to you asap.

The PDF pattern for the full how to’s with step by step photos is $3.50 Cdn.

Etsy is not an option right now.

BUT!  A WARNING…..  The Easily Amused Monsters are NOT to be given to young children or left in places where dogs, cats or other animal companions can ingest them.

Magnets are dangerous as all get out when swallowed and the eyes, washers and other trims can be a choking hazard for children.  

So, have a lot of fun with the Easily Amused Monsters, but do be careful if you have little kiddos or critters in your home.



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