Another healing/prayer shawl made with the mitered loop method


Last week, I wrote about weaving healing and prayer shawls on my Cricket Loom, using a method that I have developed (the mitered loop shawl). Here’s the link to the tutorial


This is one of the shawls that I have just woven for my daughter. The colors didn’t show up at all well… sigh. It’s much prettier in person! Much more turquoise-y.

Image Source: Noreen Crone-Findlay copyright



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4 responses to “Another healing/prayer shawl made with the mitered loop method

  1. Midnightpassion (Noreen)

    That is beautiful even if the colors didn’t pop, like they do in person.


  2. Thanks so much Midnightpassion(Noreen) [I rarely meet another Noreen, so it’s always odd to type ‘Noreen’ to someone else! LOL!]

    It’s so hard to photograph some shades of blue. They just seem to flatten out. Disappointing!


  3. Midnightpassion (Noreen)

    I have only met 4 other Noreens in my life and 2 of them spelled it Norine…
    I have noticed that blues don’t photgragh as well, I have tried a few times to take pictures of some of the jewelry and other things that I have made and they never seem to come out like the blue I see.


  4. I was named after a really nice friend of my parents, so I am spelled the way she spelled hers.

    Blues are hard to photograph, and some other colors can wonk out, too! Challenging!


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