Rosie Recycle is done and ready to go!


I am so excited!
I have finally finished The Rosie Recycle Doll Book!

Rosie Recyle dolls are charming little one of a kind dolls that are
an inspiration to ‘go green’, and become a thrifty ‘eco crafter’.

Combine your stash of scraps of yarn & embroidery floss
with colorful bits of junk mail, old magazines
and packaging to create enchanting & unique little
Rosie Recycle Dolls.

The book includes instructions and patterns for
* Knitted Rosie Recycle Dolls
*Crocheted Rosie Recycle Dolls
* Spool knitted Rosie Recycle Dolls
*Rosie Recycle Dolls with ribbon or lace scrap skirts.

The completed Rosie Recycle dolls
are approximately 5 inches (12.5 cm) tall.

They have pins on the back of their heads, so they can dance from
your hat, bag, lapel, curtain, inspiration or bulletin board.
They’re also great for scrapbooking, too…..

The Rosie Recycle booklet is 48 pages, and is full color.
It’s 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches- so easy to slip into your tote bag!

I am doing the big time happy happy happy dance….

and Tottie Tomato thinks that Rosie Recyle is pretty darned wonderful, too!


Image Source: Noreen Crone-Findlay copyright



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13 responses to “Rosie Recycle is done and ready to go!

  1. Big congratulations Noreen & Rosie & Tottie!!

    Well done.

    Happy Knitting, Crocheting, Spool Knitting & Recycling,


  2. christine

    finally, I am so pleased that I have just ordered it. I cannot wait to have it. so carry on dancing to the post office Noreen :)!!!!!


  3. Thank you thank you thank you, Terri!
    I am so thrilled and delighted with this little book! It has been monumentally challenging in many ways, as I have learned so many new systems and programs. BUT, it is filled with joy, as I just adore the Rosie Recycle dolls. I hope that they are going to bring people delight!


  4. Hello Christine
    I will indeed dance off to the post office, and I hope that you will do a happy dance when it lands in your mail box!


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  6. Congratulations, Noreen!!

    The dolls are just adorable. They’re sure to delight both the maker and the recipient. I think I will make one for myself and be doubly delighted!


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  8. Thanks Eileen!
    I designed the Rosie Recycle dolls with the goal of creating joy! You’re so right about the intention to create delight for the maker and recipient! :o)


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  11. Peggy

    Congrats Noreen!


  12. Thanks so much, Peggy!
    :o) Noreen


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