Writing, still writing

I wrote my first book when I was in Grade 2.

I started by writing my version of a fairy tale, and my teacher liked it.

She said that she would give me more paper if I wanted to tell more of the story.

Oh oh…. I was already addicted to a passion for paper, and my greedy little heart went: ooooooooooooooh! paper…. more paper……….. yummmmmmmmmmmmm……

So, I would write and write my story, and she would dole out more delicious sheets of luscious white paper with those enticing blue lines…….. ah………. paradise…….

I have no idea what happened to that big fat pile of story pages. But, the passion for writing books has never left me.


I still write everything out by hand before I type it into my computer.

Over the last few months, since I left ‘hankering for yarn’, it may look like I have stopped writing.

Au contraire! I have been designing and working and writing ‘full immersion’ on new books.

I’ve just released ‘Rosie Recycle’, and am now working hard on more books….

and loving every minute of it.

I think my Grade 2 teacher would be pleased….  😀

So, if it looks like I have abandoned writing, please be patient with me.  I haven’t- it’s just pouring out into books instead of into blogs.

Pass the paper, please, I need to write some more……


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