How to weave a square on the bias on the potholder loom

For weeks and weeks, I have been meaning to get my video tutorial of how to weave bias squares on the potholder loom posted to YouTube.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

What with one thing and another, I haven’t gotten around to it.

One thing that was odd, was that I simply couldn’t upload videos for awhile. I just gave up on YouTube. Anyone else having trouble with uploads? Weird.

And, since it took me so long to get the video uploaded,

I decided to re-shoot it, using ‘Tarn’, since I am working with Tarn so much, lately.


Here’s a link for how to do one kind of join with Tarn:

Tarn Join

I didn’t have a potholder loom when I was a child, so when I was introduced to it when I was a grownup, I didn’t have any preconceived notions about what it could or could not do. So… I have been designing all kinds of magical and wonderful things for it ever since (for decades, in fact- my love for the potholder loom is a long standing one!!!)

You can see some of the things I have designed for it here: Potholder loom.

Over the years, when I was designing for the Potholder loom, I realized that I needed to be able to weave different shapes and in unusual ways with the looms.  So, I have done a lot of experimenting with it.
I have worked out a bunch of ways of weaving triangles on it, and this is how I twigged to how I could weave a square on the bias on the potholder loom….  after all, a square is just 2 triangles that happen to be in love.

The pesky gaps on the potholder loom were a challenge – but I have solved the mystery of how to deal with them!

How? Well..  check out the video!

Here is the YouTube video tutorial on how to weave a square on the bias on the potholder loom : LINK

Happy Weaving!



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9 responses to “How to weave a square on the bias on the potholder loom

  1. Jan

    Noreen, this is brilliant! I am looking forward to cutting some tarn and giving bias potholder loom weaving a try. Thank you for all of these wonderfully instructive videos.


  2. Aleksa

    Sounds so complicated, and as usual, is so beautifully explained!


  3. Thanks so much, Jan! You can also weave on the bias with regular yarn, too…. 1 strand if it’s bulky, 2 strands if it’s sport weight, and 3 or more strands for finer weight yarns.


  4. Thanks so much, Aleksa! It did indeed, take a fair amount of puzzling and thinking and experimenting to get it all to work out, but it was really worth it!


  5. What a clever way to close the gap! Do you have a video or tutorial on making tarn? What a great use for old tee shirts.


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  7. Hi Eileen
    Thanks so much! I haven’t made a video on how to make Tarn yet, but I think that it might be a good idea to show a few hints and tips on how to make the process go more easily… 🙂


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  9. Thomas

    I love all of the concepts for working with Potholder loom and creating yarn using t-shirts. I actually gave my daughter a potholder loom for Christmas (she is 6) and I’ve spent countless hours now learning everything I can do with the loom (I made a lot of potholder as a kid but never really took it to the next level. Anyway, to my question…

    I haven’t found any good videos on how to join together potholder squares. I guess there must be several different ways depending on the look you are going for…I’d like to make a blanket or rug or both eventually, but don’t want to get through making 50 squares and joining them together and then realize that there was a much better way to do it.



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