Edward Bear has two new fans

The phone just rang, and it was my sister.

She went grocery shopping and found ‘Knitting Today’ on the stand.

She thought… hmmm… Isn’t this the magazine that has Noreen’s teddy bears?

She was delighted to flip it open and find Edward Bear in his new raincoat, boots and hat.


copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay


Another lady was browsing the knitting magazines, so Sis said:

“Excuse me…. I just have to show you what my sister does…”

and showed her the photo of Edward looking spiffy in his raincoat.

They had a lovely chat, and as my sister turned to toodle off, the lady reached over and said:

‘You don’t need to buy ALL the copies of the magazine! I want one, too!”

She reached over and plucked one of the copies out of Sis’s basket, and grinned.

And, then she went off to see Mom.

Well…. Mom fell madly in love with Edward Bear, so, guess what?

I need to knit an Edward Bear for our mother, and of course, one for my sister… and, oh yes, I promised one to my daughter, too….

Hmmm… I wonder if Sis would rather have an Anastasia Bear?

I need to stop everything and knit up some small, but wonderful bears for the women in my family.

We all have a well developed sense of whimsy, and Edward and Anastasia definitely are all about delight.

Off to grab my needles….



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7 responses to “Edward Bear has two new fans

  1. Wendy

    Edward looks very endearing in his raincoat and wellingtons. I am planning on making him myself. Right now though, I am getting over a bad cold and have been spending a lot of time with my potholder loom between my bowls of chicken soup.
    Love to you and Jim,


  2. So sorry to hear that you are sick, Wendy!
    Hope that the chicken soup, your Potholder Loom and Edward Bear all work together to get you all better right away!


  3. Aleksa

    What a delightful story! And what a treat for your sister to be able to boast about your creations!


  4. Hi Aleksa
    Thanks! I thought that it was sooooooooo sweet…. 😀


  5. Alice

    I’ve in love with Edward , he’s adorable : ) Love the knit sweater.


  6. Thanks, Alice! 🙂 I am enjoying coming up with new designs for him. There are some wonderful things in the works for him and Anastasia!


  7. Cheryl

    This is just wonderful!
    I found the magazine in the
    store today and when I saw
    Edward”s outfit I bought the
    magazine. I’m making Edward
    at the moment. Surely he will
    like a new outfit to wear when he
    is complete.
    I enjoyed hearing your sister”s story.
    Thank you so much.


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