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Hurrah- a link for Edward and Anastasia knitted teddy bears

I am thrilled to bits…. a lady on Ravelry found a link to Knitting Today archives.

This means that people who are looking for patterns for Edward and Anastasia teddy bears (that I designed for Knitting Today) can now get the patterns online.


I can’t send them out because the publisher owns the copyright.

I did a LOT of designing for Knitting Today, so there are lotsa other patterns in there from me, too.

Here’s the link: https://archive.org/search.php?query=knitting%20today

I also searched for ‘Your Knitting Life’ which was a different title to the same magazine, and the Yellowstone Edward and Anastasia came up:


Happy knitting!


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How to make Edward Bear’s foot

A lady on Ravelry is having trouble making Edward Bear’s foot, so I am going to show some step by steps on how to do it:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Here is Edward Bear with his head and one leg stuffed.

His foot is turned up and the stitching is started along one side of the foot.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Here’s a closeup of measuring the foot- Stitch the edges together around the fold to stitch the foot to the leg- around the sides of the foot and across the top of the foot.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Hope this helps! 😀


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Can Edward and Anastasia Bear be knitted with thicker yarn and larger needles?

Yes! They can!

copyright noreen crone-findlay

Edward and Anastasia Bear are 2 little bears that I have designed for ‘Your Knitting Life’ magazine (formerly known as ‘Knitting Today’), and they’ve been in each issue of the magazine since it started.

They are small… they’re 6 inches tall, and are knitted on 2.75 mm needles using Regia sock yarn.

Recently, on Ravelry, someone asked if Edward and Anastasia could be made larger, and the answer is, ‘You betcha’!

The humungous Edward Bear in the photo is 18 inches tall.  If you knit with 8 or 9 mm needles and super bulky yarn or 2 strands of medium weight yarn held together, you will get one very large Edward Bear!  Stitch through the hips to make them bendable.

I am so sorry, but the Edward and Anastasia patterns are no longer being made available by the publisher, and since I don’t own the copyright on them, I can’t give the pattern out.  😦


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Edward Bear has two new fans

The phone just rang, and it was my sister.

She went grocery shopping and found ‘Knitting Today’ on the stand.

She thought… hmmm… Isn’t this the magazine that has Noreen’s teddy bears?

She was delighted to flip it open and find Edward Bear in his new raincoat, boots and hat.


copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay


Another lady was browsing the knitting magazines, so Sis said:

“Excuse me…. I just have to show you what my sister does…”

and showed her the photo of Edward looking spiffy in his raincoat.

They had a lovely chat, and as my sister turned to toodle off, the lady reached over and said:

‘You don’t need to buy ALL the copies of the magazine! I want one, too!”

She reached over and plucked one of the copies out of Sis’s basket, and grinned.

And, then she went off to see Mom.

Well…. Mom fell madly in love with Edward Bear, so, guess what?

I need to knit an Edward Bear for our mother, and of course, one for my sister… and, oh yes, I promised one to my daughter, too….

Hmmm… I wonder if Sis would rather have an Anastasia Bear?

I need to stop everything and knit up some small, but wonderful bears for the women in my family.

We all have a well developed sense of whimsy, and Edward and Anastasia definitely are all about delight.

Off to grab my needles….


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