Free pattern for Courier Bag woven on the Martha Stewart loom

My new design for a Courier Bag woven on the Martha Stewart loom has gone live on the Lion Brand website  😀

Courier bag woven on the Lion Brand Martha Stewart loom designed by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)

Here is the free pattern for the  Courier Bag woven on the Martha Stewart loom:

[ Lion Brand ‘Yarn Play’ about Noreen Crone-Findlay’s new design for the Martha Stewart loom ]

I am in love with these looms!

Last weekend, I made  a video tutorial, showing how to weave a triangle of any size on the Martha Stewart Loom:

You don’t need it for this bag, but it’s VERY handy for other designs! 🙂

And, happily, I have more designs for these great little looms in the works!

Happy Weaving!
🙂 Noreen



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7 responses to “Free pattern for Courier Bag woven on the Martha Stewart loom

  1. Aleksa

    What a gorgeous bag! And the colours you have chosen work so perfectly together. Good job!


  2. michelle

    Yay! so excited about this, i discovered your site only recently and have got one of these Martha Stewart weave/knit looms coming for me at Christmas, the bag looks beautiful i`m sure i`ll be following your patterns once i get my loom in my hands thanks for all the inspiration


  3. Anna

    My daughter gave me the Martha Stewart knit & weave loom kit for Christmas (a day early). I looked on the Lion Brand website for a pattern and chose this messenger bag pattern as my first project. Then while I was watching various videos about using the loom, I found your videos, followed the link to your blog, and found that you had designed the bag. 🙂 I did not have the hemp/cotton yarn so I am making it with Bernat handicrafter cotton yarn in Hosta (green) and White Rose. I have finished the first three rectangles and am starting the base. I can already tell that I am going to love this bag when it is finished. Thank you!


    • Hi Anna
      I love the bag, and hope that you will enjoy yours 🙂
      I am going to make myself one of them, too – I didn’t get to keep the bag, as it went off to live at Lion Brand.
      I have posted more videos on how to work with the Martha Stewart loom- the links are here on my blog.
      Happy Weaving!!! 🙂


      • Anna

        With just one pocket, the strap and tab pieces left to weave, I am not sure if I have enough of the main color to make the strap. I decided to assemble the bag up to that point and then see how much of that yarn is left. If I don’t have enough then I will just add a tab on the second side and make the strap with the colors reversed.

        I am going to add pockets to the fabric lining to hold the smaller components of the Martha Stewart Knit & Weave kit as the larger pieces and a project should fit well in this bag. :-).


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