Tottie Tomato wishes you happy year of the horse

Hurrah! The Year of the Snake has curled up and slithered away, with few of us wishing it would last longer.

And, now, The Year of the Horse has galloped through the gate! YAY!

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Poor Tottie Tomato got a sudden and surprising ride when she was posing for this photo- one of the Small Dogs grabbed her up and raced away with her.

I was shrieking, ‘No! No! No!’ in hot pursuit across the studio. Jim jumped up and leapt to the studio, gasping: ‘What? What!?!?!?!’

Small Dog dropped Tottie at Jim’s feet and pranced with delight.

I shot in and grabbed poor Tottie back.Ā  Luckily, she wasn’t hurt, and she forgives Small Dog for her unexpected ride.

This is NOT the way I would like the Year of the Horse to proceed, thank you very much!

I’m all up for delicious surprises and fast forward motion, but being challenged by unexpected canine capers is not a metaphor that I am going to embrace.


I’m all for having a year of unbounded creativity, excellent good health, delight in community and happiness in family and tremendously delicious moments of serendipity and connection.


And, that’s what I wish for you, too!

Happy, happy Year of the Horse!




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4 responses to “Tottie Tomato wishes you happy year of the horse

  1. The Quimper Hittys shudder in sympathy – we hope poor Tottie recovers her equilibrium. Thank you for the lovely new year wishes! I hope hey come true for you too!


    • Thank you so much šŸ™‚ Tottie has forgiven Naughty Small Dog, but has requested that I never place her on the floor again when taking photos! And, she hopes that the Quimper Hitties and their mamma will have a truly splendid Year of the Horse! šŸ™‚


  2. Tottie Tomato is a truly brave and plucky young tomato. Bless her quivering green heartz1


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