A small video of my ‘Woven Women’ tapestries

Yesterday, a dear friend helped me to hang some of my ‘Woven Women’ tapestries at the Blue Chair Cafe in Edmonton AB.

They will be hanging at the Blue Chair for the months of September and October 2014.

I took a small video after the show was hung….


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8 responses to “A small video of my ‘Woven Women’ tapestries

  1. Alice

    you do such beautiful woven tapestries.I love the mermaid.

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  2. Stephanie Land

    These are just stunning, Noreen! Your work is so awesome and inspiring!!!!

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  3. I wish I was near Edmonton and could visit the women. Nice strains of choral music in the background at the beginning too (Doukhobour?).

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  4. Oh, the power of having all the Woven Women in the same space! Too bad teleporting hasn’t been perfected yet…

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