Thumbelina Loom- How to weave a clasped warp to weave a Ladybug

Thumbelina Ladybug (c)

In a previous post, LINK, I showed how to weave a clasped weft to make 2 color patterns on the Thumbelina loom.

Another way of getting 2 distinct colors into a piece of weaving is to clasp the warp.

To have the head of the Lady bug all black, I wanted black warp strands.

I wanted her body all red, so I needed to have red warp….

And, the only way to do that is to use the clasped warp technique.

Here’s the video, showing how to achieve this useful technique:

Happy weaving!

The Thumbelina loom can be purchased from Dewberry Ridge looms- I designed it, but I don’t build them. 




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