Saffron Teddy Bear – How to Weave the Body Lots of Different Ways

When I started designing the Teddy Bears to weave on the Saffron loom from Mirrix for the

2022 Summer Weaving Challenge, I had NO IDEA that I would go down such an amazing Rabbit Hole

There are so many ways to weave the Saffron Teddy Bear.

Even though the same basic ‘recipe’ is used to weave all the bodies, using different weaving techniques and different weights of yarns makes each of the Saffron Bears totally unique.

Here are some video tutorials showing how to weave the variations of the Saffron Bear’s Body:

The Basic Body:

The Black Panda Body:

The Pink Panda Body (How to Weave the Body with Super Bulky Yarns):

The Striped Body (Tapestry/Weft Face Technique):

Some Notes about Tapestry Weave for the Body:

See the Teddy Bear’s Picnic to see all the Bears having a wonderful day:


The Links for all the Video Tutorials are at:



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