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Tips for embroidering on woven Zoom Loom or pin style looms

In my previous post, I showed how to weave a tiny square on the Zoom Loom.

That’s because there’s  a fun ‘Weave along’ on the Zoom loom group on Ravelry- all about weaving dolls on the Zoom loom.

I’ve just embroidered the face for my ‘Winter’ doll

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I thought that I would make a little video, offering a few tips about embroidering on the squares that you weave on the Zoom Loom.

These tips also work on any other pin style loom or potholder loom, or many of the small looms that are available nowadays.



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Video tutorial for NOT chained finish for woven squares

My favorite method to weave on looms that have pegs or nails, like the Potholder loom, or  Lil Weaver looms from Dewberry Ridge (LINK), is to weave with the continuous Potholder loom weaving method.

Usually, when you weave a square on the potholder loom, or other small loom, using the potholder loom method, you will need to chain the edge to finish it.

BUT… that can really affect the finished size of tiny squares, when working on the little 2 or 3 1/2 or 4 inch size looms.

So! I have come up with a way of finishing the edges of the squares, while you weave them.  Voila! No need to chain the edge!

Why would anyone want to weave on such tiny looms?

Well… they are so portable, you can take them anywhere,

AND… because weaving miniatures is so much fun :o)

Wee-woven-monster-and-kitty (c) Norteen Crone-Findlay

The Wee Woven monster in the photo above was woven using the Kitty pattern from my book: WEAVAGARUMI LINK

You can see the difference in size- The Weavagarumi Kitty is woven on the potholder loom (also from Dewberry Ridge POTHOLDER LOOM link )

and the Wee Woven Monster is woven on the 2 inch Lil Weaver.  Fun!

Here’s the youtube video with the tutorial on how to make some ‘edge magic’!


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