Woven and Spool knitted Heart


I designed this spool knitted and woven heart a year or so ago.

I’ve just re-worked the instructions and have them available as a pdf tutorial.

Click on my website for the contact info for the download.

Image source: Noreen Crone-Findlay copyright



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10 responses to “Woven and Spool knitted Heart

  1. I love that heart!

    Happy Weaving (with your spoolknitting…),


  2. THank you so much, Terri!
    I am thinking of doing some with fabric strips…… :o)


  3. Tammy

    thanks, Noreen! I have the old instructions somewhere and actually started making one. The though occurred to me that the heart would look great with sparkly green and red yarns – Xmas ornaments!


  4. Hi Tammy
    Indeed it would look fab in sparkly Christmas colors! You could also do it in ‘Country Christmas Colors’, like burgundy, navy and hunter green…..
    the sky’s the limit!


  5. I remember this from last year. It makes me smile every time I see it – sort of warms the heart. Not being a spool knitter, I have to be content with your photos 😉


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