Video Tutorial of how to wind a center pull yarn ball on nostepinne

One of life’s great pleasures is to be found in mastering techniques that  may be simple, but take practice.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

One of those very useful and satisfying skills is winding a center pull ball of yarn on the nostepinne.

I like to wind a ball of yarn on the nostepinne in 2 stages.

Here’s a little video that I made, showing how to wind lovely flat, stackable flat balls of yarn.

The nostepinne is contemplative and portable, and to be honest, I much prefer it to my ball winder.

Here’s the link to the video: LINK




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18 responses to “Video Tutorial of how to wind a center pull yarn ball on nostepinne

  1. Aleksa

    Who knew? The idea of doing something frivolous today is a fabulous one. Thanks!


  2. That is *so* cool, Noreen! Who knew, indeed!


  3. That’s something one really has to see in order to learn, so thank you for the video lesson, Noreen.


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  5. In all my years of crocheting and working with yarn, I never knew this! Thank you!


  6. Ohhhh….you know, the Little One is gonna love this, she’s quite the knitter/crocheter and this is definitely going to help with those center pull balls of yarn!


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  8. Hi Cherie
    It’s a lovely skill to have- it’s very contemplative, and meditative, and surprisingly efficient, too! I love my nostepinne and use it all the time!


  9. That’s great, June! It’s so neat to pass along a vintage skill to the next generation- I love the continuity of it!


  10. Hi Eileen
    That’s what I love about being able to post video tutorials… seeing the process in motion helps to make it more accessible.
    Isn’t technology amazing? We can use new techie things to teach ancient techniques. I love it.


  11. Hi Cyndi
    Yay for the internet and being able to share our knowledge! whee!


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  13. Love your video tutorials Noreen:-)


  14. Thank you so much, Linette!


  15. Madoline Clemmons

    Thanks to you for making such a really great video. After watching it I have just finished winding my first center pull ball. I should have paid more attention to creating the center because mine was too loose and the ball kept slipping as I turned the nostepinde. But with your great demo, I was able to overcome that. I am so glad I bought my nostepinde.


  16. Claudia

    Thank you for your lovely tutorial. I can’t wait to try it. Where did you get your beautiful nostepinne?


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