Video Tutorial how to weave bias triangle on potholder loom

I love the continuous technique of weaving that I learned from triangle looms.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

It struck me that I should be able to adapt the triangle loom technique to potholder loom weaving, so I played around with it until I figured it out.

Triangles are such a neat design element that the more ways I can figure out for weaving them, the better it is.

In my book: Storytelling with Dolls, I showed a completely different way of weaving triangles on the potholder loom, using yarn.

Perhaps I will make a video of that technique, too.

And, here is the video for this version of how to weave a triangle using the bias or continuous weave technique: LINK




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8 responses to “Video Tutorial how to weave bias triangle on potholder loom

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  2. I *never* thought to do it this way! Thanks 🙂


  3. Thank you for a terrific video, Noreen. Like you, I can imagine endless possibilities for this shape!


  4. I love these video tutorials Noreen…they are great!


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  7. Carol

    Thank you for another helpful video tutorial. I’ll file it away for future reference. In the meantime, is there somewhere I can go to learn how to make the beautiful bracelet you have on?


  8. Hi Carol
    Thanks! and the answer to the question about how to make the bracelet is: Yes, soon… LOL!


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