Can Edward and Anastasia Bear be knitted with thicker yarn and larger needles?

Yes! They can!

copyright noreen crone-findlay

Edward and Anastasia Bear are 2 little bears that I have designed for ‘Your Knitting Life’ magazine (formerly known as ‘Knitting Today’), and they’ve been in each issue of the magazine since it started.

They are small… they’re 6 inches tall, and are knitted on 2.75 mm needles using Regia sock yarn.

Recently, on Ravelry, someone asked if Edward and Anastasia could be made larger, and the answer is, ‘You betcha’!

The humungous Edward Bear in the photo is 18 inches tall.  If you knit with 8 or 9 mm needles and super bulky yarn or 2 strands of medium weight yarn held together, you will get one very large Edward Bear!  Stitch through the hips to make them bendable.

I am so sorry, but the Edward and Anastasia patterns are no longer being made available by the publisher, and since I don’t own the copyright on them, I can’t give the pattern out.  😦



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4 responses to “Can Edward and Anastasia Bear be knitted with thicker yarn and larger needles?

  1. Aleksa

    Edward Bear may be humungous but he is still charming, if a bit naked… and probably a good cuddler. He looks a bit like Bigfoot Bear!


  2. Hi Aleksa
    Poor Big Bear! LOL…. he really does look oh so bare, doesn’t he?
    Actually, given that he is 18 inches tall, baby clothes would work well on him 😀 And, yep… he’s very cuddly!


  3. Carolee

    I love big bear more to love!!!! Maybe your grandson has a out fit he could spare. hehe


  4. Hi Carolee
    Actually, that’s a good idea… baby clothes would fit the 18 inch bear quite nicely! 😀
    And, yes, he’s a very cuddly fellow! 🙂


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