The Woven Women Singing Mermaid opens her eyes

My wee grandson does not like it when I make a doll or weave a tapestry that has closed eyes, or no face.

He frowns and says to me: “She can’t see me! Open her eyes!”

I think I have internalized his demand to ‘Open her eyes!’, because the other morning, I woke up, after dreaming about my large Singing Mermaid tapestry, and heard, you guessed it: Open her eyes!

And so, The Singing Mermaid from my Woven Women series- see here LINK for previous post about her:

 copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

has opened her eyes – with the help of my felting needles and some fleece:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

The colors are looking slightly odd, but in real life, they are quite pleasing.

The Jasper Community Habitat for the Arts Gallery that will be hosting my ‘Woven Women’ show of tapestry and woven works is not on schedule with the construction.

So, the show will now be running from August 1, to Sept 9, 2014 in Jasper AB.








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6 responses to “The Woven Women Singing Mermaid opens her eyes

  1. Amazing what a huge difference the open eyes make. Her entire face and countenance is drastically altered. I would have thought you had woven her anew.


  2. Yes! She engages us, speaks to us. Like the changed mouth and love the woven fish, which, following your directions, I have made. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Humblecrochet

    I came to you from YouTube where i watched you crocheting beads in her hair with the music your husband played in the background, and now I’ve spent all morning soaking in the beauty of your lovely “woven women” which i feel is so descriptive of us all woven as we are from particles of the universe in our mother’s womb and wrapped about with threads of light and dark as we move through the world in our own way and time. The wind is moving about outside my open door creating small pockets of sound and silence and I feel lost and found all at once. Thank you for opening her eyes. Thank you for opening mine.


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