Tottie and the Mermaids

Tottie Tomato thinks she’s dreaming!

Two Mermaids have come to live in the studio, and she is thrilled….

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

They have been singing beautiful songs to her

and telling her stories of the seashore,

and of ships that sail….

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Tottie Tomato went to the ocean once, very long ago, the summer that she was born,

and she has been longing to go back.

Perhaps her dream will come true?

And, maybe the Mermaids will help her dream come true!

(And, if Mermaids are in your dreams, you can order my pattern from my website: LINK

or etsy shop: LINK or Ravelry shop LINK)

May the Mermaids sing sweetly to you!




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3 responses to “Tottie and the Mermaids

  1. Cheryl Sommardahl

    2 things, Noreeen, would love to see some patterns in your Etsy store for woven jackets, vests, etc. also, I noticed you had some instruction on using the Zoom Loom. So far, I haven’t seen many finished items I even like woven om this. Everything you weave is beautiful. Would you post pics of some of you ZL finished projests?


  2. I think Tottie is in love! What a dreamy couple they are, and what a beautiful mermaid!


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