Handmade wooden buttons

There’s been a nice long hiatus since the winter maker’s faires ended and the spring ones begin.

I’ve taken advantage of the time away from the markets/faires to be extremely productive.

I love making (and using!) handmade wooden buttons, so I have been ‘button, buttoning’ like mad.

(and of course, had to build a display for them, too!)

I am sooooooo pleased with how they have turned out.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay www.crone-findlay.com

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.crone-findlay.com

I’ll have them at the next Mercer Maker’s Market on Saturday March 29 from 10 -4 (The Mercer is on the corner of 104 ave and 104 St), so Edmonton peeps, I hope to see you there!





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7 responses to “Handmade wooden buttons

  1. Too far for me to go 😦 and Tansy has gone back to Winnipeg!


    • Oh, too bad! It would have been lovely to meet Tansy! And, you really wouldn’t want to be in Edmonton right now- we have been blasted by another arctic roller, and were stormed upon and will be waaaaaaaaaay below zero for another week. Sigh 😦


  2. Do you sell them online too? I’m always looking for handmade wooden buttons, I love them! Your display stand looks very nice and inviting!


    • Hi Monkika I haven’t considered selling them online because the price of postage is so insane- and going up! Unless someone bought a whole bunch of them, they’d be paying more money for postage than for the buttons! 😦


  3. Oh, lucky Edmonton! No idea what the weather is doing there now, but these buttons look to be well worth going out into the cold for. They are gorgeous.


  4. Sadly, the weather is wintery and very cold…. alas…. and thank you!!!!


  5. Hi Noreen, I was updating my blog (hanging head in shame because I had not updated it for sooooooo long!) and I noticed that the link to your website is no longer working. Do you still have your website? …. and I love your buttons! Could you do some for me with larger sewing holes that would accommodate spoolknitted cord (wool or cotton)? ….. cheers, Maz


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