A Gratitude Haircut

Our daughter, Chloe, had cancer a few years ago and came through it with flying colors and is wholly healthy now.

I decided to make a gratitude offering in thanks for her beautiful recovery and healing.

So, I decided that I would do a very simple thing that would be of service to people who need wigs while they are getting treatment.

(Luckily, Chloe didn’t loose her beautiful hair, but I have so many family and friends who did, that I decided that I wanted to do a little something for them.)

I grew my hair….

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.tottietalkscrafts.com

for a couple of years, until it was just above my waist.

Last week, Chloe and I went to the hair salon and she cut the back section of it off:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.tottietalkscrafts.com

And the stylist cut off the sides, then shaped it:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.tottietalkscrafts.com

It hasn’t looked like this since the day of the haircut, because I have no ability to use a dryer or curling iron, and miraculously, my hair that has always been straight as a ruler, has decided to be full of wild and unruly waves and curls.

I am astonished.  All my life, I have wanted curls or at least waves, and now I suddenly have them and don’t know what to do with them.

Except wear a hat.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.tottietalkscrafts.com

That’s the big fat braid going to the Cross Cancer Clinic  in Edmonton Alberta.

The Cross Clinic asks people to bring their hair donations directly to them, as they have specific wig makers that they prefer to use.

They were pleased with the great big fat long  braid of hair that I brought them and I was so happy to make this donation.

May it bring some measure of happiness to the person who gets the wig with my hair in it.

If you find it easy to grow your hair, then perhaps you might consider doing a donation too?

Our daughter in law, Alliston,  has done the same thing, also in gratitude for Chloe’s fantastic outcome,  and she is now sporting a very spiffy and short new hairdo, too.

It was very emotional, and I am very happy to have done it.

And, um, since I have no skills whatsoever with hair, I am now officially growing my hair out again, but this time, for me.   🙂



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12 responses to “A Gratitude Haircut

  1. What a wonderful donation. I wish they could take 1″ donations at a time, as that is all I can stand as my hair grows out. I am going to pass this along to my friends and family to consider as a beautiful gift. Thank you, Noreen, for the inspiration.

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    • Thanks so much, Donna 🙂 I am hoping that other people will be inspired…. but they need to be careful and check in with the cancer clinic near them, to find out what the clinic wants, and also to take the hair directly to the clinic, as it is important that it goes to the clinic and not to someone who will sell it to make extensions.


  2. What a beautiful thing you’ve done! Thank you on behalf of all the women I know who’ve been bald.

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  3. Beautiful – in all ways!

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  4. Laura-Lynn

    An amazing and selfless act…. You are beautiful Noreen!

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    • Thank you so very much, Laura-Lynn…. I am just very very grateful for our beautiful daughter’s wonderful healing. The part that was emotional for me about the cutting of my hair was that it brought up the memories of the anguish that we went through as she navigated her challenging journey. But, that is done, and in a way, cutting the long thick braid off was a lovely release of all that emotion. I do feel so blessed!


  5. Jorel

    I’ve donated my hair a couple of times over the years (never waistlength though) and it’s time to do it again. Thank you for reminding me

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