Teneriffe Lace Weave Along Links

I absolutely love making Teneriffe Lace, and have designed a set of lovely little looms and a whole bunch of delightful projects to make with them.
I am making a series of ‘how to’ videos that show how to make all the shapes, and then how to use them to create lovely projects.
I’ll place the links to the blog posts that have the how to videos and diagrams on this post to make it easy for people to click on the one that they are looking for.
I designed the looms, but don’t have the time (I am working on another new book as well as a solo show of my new Woven Women- wow… busy!) or the equipment to be able to make the looms, so I have asked Donna and Gary McFarland of Dewberry Ridge Looms if they would make the looms.
Hurrah! They said yes!
To order the looms, please go to:
And, if you would like to participate in a group where you can join in the  Teneriffe Lace Weave Alongs in an interactive way, then you are welcome to join either or both of these groups.
1- How to make the Pin Cushion base for the Teneriffe Lace looms –  LINK
2- How to make the Square Motif – LINK
3- How to make the Circle Motif –  LINK
4- How to make the Dewdrop Motif –  LINK
5- How to make the Triangle Motif-  LINK
6-  Project #1 – The Heart LINK
7- Project 2- Teneriffe Lace Mask LINK
8- How to make the Butterfly Body LINK
9- Project 3- The First Butterfly made on the triangular Teneriffe Lace Loom- LINK
10- Project 4- The Second Butterfly LINK
11- Project 5- Teneriffe Lace Fairy  LINK
12- Project 6- Teneriffe Lace Fairy Hair  LINK
13- Project 7- Teneriffe Lace Angel  LINK
14- Project 8- Teneriffe Lace Mermaid  L I N K
15- Project 9- Teneriffe Lace Bunny  LINK
16- Project 10- How to add color to Teneriffe Lace  LINK
17- Project 11- Teneriffe Lace Flower  LINK
18- Project 12- Teneriffe Lace Bee  LINK
19- Project 13- Teneriffe Lace Bookmark LINK


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