Knitted Sweater and Pants for Findlay Bear and Flora Panda

Findlay & Flora love flowers

Findlay Bear and Flora Panda are celebrating springtime by searching for flower buds that are just coming up.

Sweaters 2 (c)

It’s so exciting to see the new leaves popping up,

Sweaters 3 (c)

Some of the flowers are absolutely tiny!

Springtime can be a chilly time of year, so Findlay and Flora are happy to wear their new sweaters and pants while they are questing for flowers.

Sweaters 4 (c)

The pattern for the sweater and pants  is available in my etsy shop:

and for Findlay Bear and Flora Panda:

Happy springtime, happy flowers, happy knitting, and happy bears!




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2 responses to “Knitted Sweater and Pants for Findlay Bear and Flora Panda

  1. griffonsong

    It is clear these two are dazzled by their new clothes and only wish they had a mirror (oval, on a tilting wooden stand) so they could admire themselves in their new finery. Failing that, they’ve spent some time admiring each other and describing what they see. And they thank you for all the work you’ve done on their behalf!

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    • LOL… what a lovely image! They do need a mirror, don’t they? The rooms in their house are only 5 inches tall, so it would have to be a small sort of mirror…. I am planning on Findlay and Flora having lots of fun adventures, so a mirror will be a good thing for them to admire themselves with…. 🙂


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