Antique Teneriffe Lace Loom

I have been absent from the world of social media for quite awhile- I was working to deadline on a book.

It swallowed me completely, and I vanished for awhile.  (I met the deadline! Yay!  And my editor likes it! Yay!)

But then, I got sick (ugh) and have been taking naps to recover, and didn’t have the jam to deal with blogging or dealing with the interwebs, so I didn’t.

Now, I’m on the mend.  And, working on new projects.

And taking lots of naps.

Oh my… this afternoon, something delicious happened that has made me need to pop back into the world of bloggdom.

A gift….

Today, I received a wonderful little package in the mail.

It was from my sister.  ❤

In the box was this little, oh so magical wee box of delights.

I opened the tiny old box and squealed with joy-

Such loveliness!

A treasure that my sister’s dear mother in law had found at an antique sale, bless her heart!

My sister has been cherishing this precious little box of heaven and, (bless her heart, too),  decided that I would enjoy it, so she mailed it to me. ❤

Sigh…. so much happiness in a little package!

I love Teneriffe lace and was ecstatic to see the awesome little brass loom.

And, a hairpin lace loom and some bone tools that will be lovely to use in small loom weaving.

I had to warp up the Teneriffe loom- how could I resist?

The little Teneriffe motif is wonky as all get out, but I think I should send it to my sister, doncha think?

PS:  (added the day after I originally posted about the Teneriffe Loom) I’ve been working with the Teneriffe Lace Loom, and have polished up my technique as I am working on a video to show how to do this technique with upcycled materials.

Here’s today’s version: 😀

Teneriffe lace loom 8-c






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14 responses to “Antique Teneriffe Lace Loom

  1. I totally agree with you my dear🥰 This should definitely get sent to your sister, and I can only imagine how thrilled she will be to receive it. I’m sure your going to make some very wonderful items with your gift box of goodness from your sister💞


  2. This is love in action! What beauty.

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  3. Laura-Lynn Baker

    “Sisters” are the Best! So glad you are on the mend! Loving my Latchet Lucet! Thank you for all that you do and share with us!

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  4. Thank you so much, Laura-Lynn 😀


  5. This is so sweet!! Your sister knew you should have this😏

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  6. donna Walker

    some of the other tools look like they belong to another needle craft i want to try, the top one and the flat yellow pieces. they look like the tools used for netting. netting is exactly what it sounds like, a way to make netting, the flat pieces are to control the size of the squares.

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    • Oh, that’s brilliant, Donna! That makes perfect sense to me. I thought that they looked like they would create a specific size of something – perhaps in some kind of braid making or possibly with the hairpin lace tool, but of course, netting would be the perfect use. And, they’ll make great shed sticks and pick up sticks for small loom weaving. 😀


    • Hello Donna…
      I got a set of 3 bone items in eBay.
      Two are like crochet hooks, but the other one is same size n shape as a nail file…I use it as a bone folder…hee hee…maybe that’s what it actually is


  7. what a beautiful gift…are some of those tools made from bone?
    I’ve been very sick too..and have a long road ahead of me,yet..but I’m just glad we’re both feeling better now!
    Take care,dear Lady

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    • It is indeed a beautiful gift 🙂 Yes, there are 3 bone tools that are used in making netted lace, but I will be using them as shed sticks in small loom weaving. I hope that you are soon feeling all better! Good health to you! Blessings and healing energy heading your way!


  8. rolland françoise

    i have the same antique teneriffe loom. How do you make with it ?
    je m’excuse je ne parle par bien anglais.. Comment faites -vous pour utiliser ? avec des épingles ?


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