100 Little Comfort Bears in January 2020

I have been making Comfort Bears for a community in Northern Saskatchewan.

One of our close relatives has been working with people in the town because of his job.

When he heard that there is a high stress level there, he mentioned to a front line care person there that I make Comfort Bears, and so they asked if I would be willing to make some Comfort Bears for them.

I couldn’t get to them right away because at that point in time I was working 24/7 to deadline on the 2 new books that I have coming out this year as well as a solo show that was here in Edmonton before Christmas.

Once those deadlines were met, I set in on making Comfort Bears for them.

I sent  a box of 30 Comfort Bears off to them:

The timing of sending them seemed to be powerfully right… as  a teenager had died of suicide and that the box of 30 bears had arrived soon after and had been given to his grieving classmates.

I was deeply saddened, and was grateful that the little bears had been there at the right time to do their job.

When my contact person told me that there were other people waiting for Comfort Bears, and that their need is great   (I  don’t want to say why, as that would be a violation of their privacy) I cried.

I was galvanized to get more Comfort Bears to them as quickly as possible.    I had been working on more bears for other groups, but I chose to re-direct them to my contact person.

I set myself a goal to weave 100 Comfort Bears before the end of January.

This meant that I had to put aside everything else that I was working on, but that’s okay.

I DID IT!   Hurrah!

I have sent another 50 bears off to my contact person and I hope that they will bring all kinds of happiness with them.

Sometimes people just need to know that someone that doesn’t know them still cares about them.

There are 50 Comfort Bears in this box.

With love in every stitch.

It helps me to sleep at night to know that I am doing this small thing,  when otherwise, I would be worrying about people who are going through ghastly things.

A few things that I have discovered as I have ‘marathoned’ on the Comfort Bears-

1- Wow, have I ever gotten fast at weaving them! The more I weave the more streamlined the process has become!

2- No 2 bears are alike. Even the ones who were born out of the same ball of yarn have totally different faces.

3- The faces on the little bears seem to be ‘destined’ – a couple of the bears look distinctly grumpy.  I was not pleased about that as I was aiming for them to be comforting after all.  But, as much as I tried to cheer their faces up, they solemnly refused my efforts.  Okay.  Maybe some people need a Comfort Bear that isn’t going to be grinning at them.

4- I usually have a hard time with January.  Yes, the days are getting longer, thank goodness, but for crying out loud, when an Arctic cold front lands on us for record breaking days and days and days, it’s truly brutal.

And, the political situation…. sigh….  and worries about the planet……  sigh/sob….. and awful things that people are dealing with…. oh my word…..

BUT… I have found great joy in the making of these 100 little bears, and respite from the worries and woes about the state of the world.

Yes, it’s such a small thing that I am doing, but it has helped me to feel better.  And, that matters.

5-  People are so kind!

I have talked about this on facebook and youtube, and people have offered to make some Comfort Bears and send them to me, but I am asking them to please make Comfort Bears for the people who come into their lives, wherever they live- whether it’s a classroom full of special needs kids, or a neighbor who is having a tough time or a stranger that is obviously in need of a little kindness, or someone is sick or scared or lonely or working really hard or studying for exams…….

The pattern for the woven Comfort Bears is in my book: Potholder Loom Weaving.

Free patterns for crocheted and knitted Comfort Bears are on this link: LINK

Please won’t you join me in making Comfort Bears?

Thanks ❤





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4 responses to “100 Little Comfort Bears in January 2020

  1. I am trying to make bears. My 7 1/2 inch square potholder loom from Walmart is cheaply made and not the best designed; the space between the pegs on the corners is much larger and the pegs themselves are much farther apart. My squares end up being a coarser basketweave of 4 over and 4 under since I am forced to double up my light worsted weight Paton’s Classic 100% wool yarn. This is making it harder to shape the head, esp the ears. I am seeking to get a better made potholder style loom. These basket weave squares may be better for a pillow or blanket.

    In the meantime, I started working up basketweave squares on my 7 inch Hazel Rose continuous style weaving loom. The weave ends up being finer with 2 yarns over and 2 yarns under, and I think my square for the head may end up being easier to shape from this loom.

    Are the Harrisonville potholder looms or the Dewberry Ridge potholder looms better? I only have enough money to choose one so I’d appreciate your advice.

    I also wanted to ask, for the tiny comfort bears you have been cranking out, what size of loom are you using to make those bears? And is it one of the smaller looms from Dewberry Ridge?


    • Yes, Sheila, I am using the little 9 nail potholder loom that I designed and Dewberry Ridge makes and sells. It’s a lovely little loom! It’s hard for me to recommend either the Harrisville or the Dewberry Ridge loom over each other, as I love them both. If you prefer to work with metal looms, then you will be happy with the Harrisville. If you prefer to work with wooden looms, then you will really enjoy the Dewberry Ridge loom. It really is a matter of personal choice….. they are both great.


  2. Also, hurrah for you! Cranking out 100 teeny little bears is quite a task to undertake, esp in the chilly conditions in winter. Congratulations on winging your way through this endeavor!

    I am hoping to do much the same sort of thing for people, especially children in the dire straights of cancer treatment, being removed from abusive situations, and involved in auto and bus accidents here in the NW Missouri area where I live. I have been wanting to give back in some small way, and I like your suggestion of using weaving to put kindness and compassion out into the world. I feel this is an appropriate way for me to do that as a weaver.


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