Saffron Teddy Bear for the 2022 Summer Weaving Challenge- How to Weave the Teddy Bear Arm

Sampling for a weaving project is a really good idea that most weavers often avoid doing.

But, weaving a small sample can give so much information to the weaver that it is a huge benefit.

Weaving the arms for the Saffron Teddy Bears is a win/win in the sampling department 🙂

The arms are small, but will quickly show you if your yarn is going to make a pleasing fabric for your teddy bear.

If not, then it’s better to make adjustments and weave it over again, rather than committing to weaving the whole body and then finding that the yarn doesn’t work.

So, start your bear by weaving an arm first.

You’ll be glad you did!

The link for all the video tutorials for the Saffron Teddy Bears for the 2022 Summer Weaving Challenge is:




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3 responses to “Saffron Teddy Bear for the 2022 Summer Weaving Challenge- How to Weave the Teddy Bear Arm

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  2. Susan Murry

    Congratulations Noreen on your OUTSTANDING weave-along! Thank you for putting so much hard work and filming into the instructions and videos.
    Few people have the natural talent of weaving and creating so many designs. Most of all you share all this talent with everyone in the purchase of your project packed book. Mirrix Looms are The BEST looms and the perfect companion to make the adorable Teddy Bears and much more! The videos are perfection and your voice so calm and soothing. They have motivated me to make the time to weave Teddy Bears without fear of frustration or failure. A simply delightful weave-along! ❤️


    • Thank you SO MUCH for your incredibly kind words, Susan! When I began the project, I didn’t intend it to become as huge as it has become, but I just kept getting more and more inspired and one thing lead to another, and oh my…. my life became all about the teddy bears! LOL…. that’s good, thought, because I believe that the sweetness inherent in Teddy Bears is powerfully good medicine, and oh my, don’t we all need that right now? Happy Weaving! ❤


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