Simple Little Things That Make Me Happy- Hand Prints

I am very fond of the little kiddo that lives next door. He and his Mamma are good friends of mine.

The doorbell will ring and my little friend will announce that it has been 50 years since we talked, so we will sit together on the porch and have a chat. His Mamma sits on the grass and we all enjoy the moment.

Yesterday, I took paper and pen outside and drew around his hand and he astounded me with his mathematical abilities. Three years old and doing some pretty clever addition! wow….

We had a lovely time drawing lots of handprints.

Then I cut one of them out, traced it on wood and cut it out. I burned the date on it and am going to give it to my friend for Mother’s Day.

I haven’t felt up to doing any wood work for more than 6 months, so it felt sweet to say hello to my saw and sander again.

I made wooden handprints of my children’s hands when they were little, and still treasure them.

Handprints are magical. They make me happy.

What made you happy today? ❤



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2 responses to “Simple Little Things That Make Me Happy- Hand Prints

  1. That’s a lovely gift. So thoughtful

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