Simple Little Things That Make Me Happy- A Bee and A Bear in a Plum Tree

Noticing lovely little things is a wonderful way to connect to beauty and that is so healing!

It creates an oasis of happiness, which is so essential.

Making Comfort Bears, especially the Clancy Comfort Bears makes me happy.

Here’s a link to the pattern and how to video so you can be happy making them, too. LINK

I went out to take a picture of a Clancy Comfort Bear in the Plum tree, which is gloriously in bloom, and smells divine!

And the scent of the blossoms was incredibly gorgeous!

A fuzzy, chubby Bumble Bee thought so, too! Delightful!

Tadah! 3 Simple Little Things that make me so happy!

What makes you happy?



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2 responses to “Simple Little Things That Make Me Happy- A Bee and A Bear in a Plum Tree

  1. Karen Cooper

    I have to say, reading your blog today made me happy. I was feeling really stressed out. The state of the world, my son quitting his job, and having too much on my plate. Appreciating the simple things and letting go of things I have no control over, that brought me comfort. Thank you for the reminder.

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    • I wish that there was a button that said, ‘love’ – because I just love your comment so much, Karen! I am so happy that you found a moment of respite here on my blog! Big hugs to you! ❤


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